What are the exciting features of CapCut in 2024?

Capcut video editor features

A free and easy-to-use video editing app called CapCut recently climbed to the forefront of the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. With only a few touches, you can create dramatic videos. Let’s examine it in more detail in this post, from its basic characteristics to its amazing impacts.

These days, videos are all around us. Have you ever questioned why some individuals develop their skills as video producers overnight or with a simple swipe-up when viewing content on YouTube or Tiktok? They appear to be capable of combining these snippets into whole films in a flash and even adding visual effects that you might anticipate requiring professional video editing software to achieve. Plus, you might be surprised by how imaginative these films are.

What is CapCut video editor app?

You’ll adore CapCut, an app created by the people behind TikTok, if you frequently upload material to the platform and want a feature-rich video editor for editing videos on Android or iPhone.

This package includes related features like speed adjustments, filters, stickers, effects, background music, and even split and reverse to make your movies more TikTok-ready because it is platform-focused.

When it comes to enhancing your videos, CapCut provides a mobile-friendly UI and fantastic features like auto-captioning and background-color removal for a green screen effect.

It is a perfect match if you’re a TikTok maker or want to begin your content production adventure on the network, but it doesn’t offer a full editing suite like other free applications for the site.

How to Download and Install Capcut?

CapCut is a mobile software for iOS and Android smartphones that was created exclusively to enhance the fundamental video editing capabilities of the well-known social media platform, TikTok.

Install Capcut
Install Capcut

The application is advertised as a free TikTok editing app and is free to download. Similar capabilities in CapCut for iOS and Android let you edit your TikTok movies with things like filters, stickers, speed adjustments, background music, effects, and more. To make your TikTok movies appear more polished and professional, it also includes editing options like split, reverse, and others.

Users of Android: To download and install the app on your Android smartphone, download from here and hit Install button.

Users of iOS: To download and install the app on your Apple device, tablet download from here and hit Install button.

Users for Personal Computer: Download Capcut for PC from here (for Windows) or here (for MAC) and click on install button.

Latest Features of Capcut video editor

Capcut provides practically all video editing features in a simple user interface as an intuitive app. You can complete all of the aforementioned tasks with only a few touches on its magnetic timeline, including splitting and merging several movies, changing the video format, adding canvas, speeding up, and reversing the clip. Additionally, the speed curve is accessible in its most recent iteration, allowing you to add a ramp to your films to create a seamless transition.

Here, I’d like to discuss overlay, one of its unexpected features. You may overlay other videos over the principal footage. Of course, you can pinch to zoom in and out to enlarge or reduce the size of the attached clips, just like you do with the main clip. Green screen in CapCut and adding backdrop in CapCut are two other typical CapCut overlay techniques.

Lets Dive into some of the main functions of the Capcut app:

1. Trim, cut, split or merge the videos

Simply launch a video, drag the playhead to the desired location, and select the Split option. Because you can perform this frame-by-frame to observe the precise split place, you don’t lose any video data when you split the file.

Having a clear notion of which segments of the video footage you want to use will help you use the split feature to its greatest advantage. Then, add movies from your Gallery or Camera Roll by selecting “plus” and hitting “add to app” thereafter to import them.

Select each one once they are inside to alter it and split it at the predetermined spots. The ideal approach is frequently to have a strategy before you start, as it might otherwise take up a significant amount of your time.

Capcut filter library
Capcut filter library

2. Extensive library of music and songs

CapCut offers a wide variety of music and backing tracks if you want to give your film an interesting beat. Some of them are free, while others could cost money. They are simple to add to your movie and have excellent playback quality.

You may also include some other things in your video. You may select from a variety of special effects, such as vintage, party, and dreamy, for instance. You can experiment with the various seasonal and colour filters until you get the ideal result. Last but not least, don’t be hesitant to apply a few stickers.

Capcut sound effects
Capcut sound effects

3. Include Text in Capcut videos

Both text and video may be engaging sources of information. Because of this, a lot of video editing apps work to include a tonne of text editing features to make sure that beautiful subtitles are available. It’s a good idea, but it raises the question of how to swiftly combine those tools to create the desired pattern.

CapCut ingeniously pre-sets text editing templates to save you time by preventing you from becoming bogged down in a maze of complex and important tabs, such as modifying font sizes, switching between styles, and experimenting with various bubbles.

Adding text to Capcut
Adding text to Capcut

Additionally, if you grow weary of manually inserting text, consider combining the Voiceover tool and the Auto captions tool in the audio editing area.

More specifically, when you select Auto captions, CapCut will build a caption layer. All created captions will then be divided up into separate graphic layers at the precise time script that they are uttered.

They can be moved, deleted, or clipped to create a new caption by splitting an existing caption. Use Batch Modify to evaluate all of your captions at once in a scrolling box if you don’t want to edit one caption at a time. By selecting to either implement the style to all of them or not, you may also stylize them collectively.

With those significant time savings, I think CapCut’s innovative text processing approach will win over everyone’s applause.

4. Adding audio elements to your video

Rich music selections with exclusive copyrighted tracks are available in CapCut. If the music it provides does not suit your tastes, you may import music from your device and retrieve audio from already-existing videos. Additionally, it offers a wide variety of sound effects. CapCut places a search bar and a favorite option for the soundtracks on the tip of your tongue for your convenience.

Similar to overlaying, modifying the audio track individually entails changing the level, determining where the audio begins and finishes, removing the desired portion of the audio, and other similar tasks.

Unexpectedly, a match-out tool exists to add beats. You have the option of manually adding them or having CapCut do it for you.

However, if you want to adjust the extra audio track’s pitch, lower the volume, or enhance the audio quality—as some professional software does—I’ll say that I hope we’ll discover those options in the software’s upcoming updates.

Capcut audio effects
Capcut audio effects

5. Add Stickers to the video

With CapCut, we can edit our movies in the same way that we edit our images, and the same is true of stickers. Stickers are divided into groups based on topics. In addition to the most popular emoji, stickers are now available.

These include snowflakes, stars, arrows, and those that are time-specific or themed, including vlog, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. Only images in the JPG and PNG formats are accepted for import as stickers.

Adding Stickers to Capcut videos
Adding Stickers to Capcut videos

There isn’t a search bar or a favourite button here, which is unfortunate. If you often use stickers, you might feel a little overwhelmed by the variety of options available.

6. Intelligent Chroma key 

Hollywood directors often utilise the dramatic effect known as “Chroma Key.” They utilise the green background to cover it up and transform it into more thrilling situations. By using this method, editors were able to quickly and cheaply create the scene.

You don’t need to travel to Budapest to take a photo at the Fisherman’s Bastion; you can get one online for free.

What’s more intriguing is that CapCut offers a superior Chrome Key. The app allows you to change the light, shadows, and hues to give the fake background a vibrant appearance. You know, requirements for videos are greater than for images.

7. Amazing effects such as CapCut 3D zoom, CapCut blur

Special effects come in two varieties: body effects and video effects. The entire video is enhanced using visual effects. In other words, you may decide whether to add a video enhancement to the overlay, the primary video, or both.

As the name implies, body effects will be used in the film on the body or specific body parts. CapCut will initially detect and identify before adding the surrounding effects.

Capcut 3d video effects
Capcut 3d video effects

There are several unique video effects available in CapCut, like CapCut 3D zoom and CapCut blur. To make your films more bright, you may overlay many effects on a single video clip and apply modifications individually.

8. Advanced video editing functions: Filters, Transitions and Sound effects

You may customise the basic filters in CapCut to suit your tastes. Utilizing filters speeds up your process because they take less time than creating a new one from scratch. You may add filters to both primary clips and overlays.

Another aspect of CapCut is a transition, which is a little clip that flows from one shot to the next. It features a range of transition choices, including basic, camera, MG, effect, and mask, which enables you to conceal cuts to other clips invisibly.

It’s important to choose a transition that best fits your film because you can only add one between each pair of primary footage.

Since transitions cannot be added directly to overlays, one sneaky workaround is to first create a video with a transition and then add it as an overlay.

Capcut special effect
Capcut special effect

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9. Adding overlays to Capcut videos

Using capcut you can easily overlay another video on top of your current video. This feature allows you to kind of merge two videos together. This provides an altogether different video output. This is one of the key differentiator of Capcut as compared to some other video editing apps. You can also add green screen to your videos using this app.

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Watch the below video to understand how to add mask feature in Capcut

Mask Feature in Capcut

Capcut Pros and Cons

What are CapCut’s benefits and drawbacks then? Let’s look at it quickly:


  • A useful app to use
  • Numerous features
  • A great collection of music and sound effects.


  • There are no key editing features accessible.
  • Not a full-featured video editing package.
  • Limited by the hardware and RAM of your phone’s processor

Did not find the feature you were looking for in Capcut? Then you can look for Capcut alternatives.

Capcut overlay feature
Capcut overlay feature

Final Thoughts

Although CapCut features a user-friendly interface, it is not quite sufficient for a comprehensive editing project. It’s possible that you’ll feel overwhelmed by its extensive toolkit and have no idea where to begin; that its convenience will make you feel less challenged; or that the repetitive actions will turn you off. Here are two pointers to improve your CapCut usage.

Try as many tools as you can, first. This introduces you to several effective techniques for expediting and simplifying editing, such as the speech-to-text option. On the other hand, by repeatedly using various effects, you will receive some surprising findings.

Second, keep watching the video as it goes through several cuts to see how it looks.

Capcut Spark your creativity
Capcut Spark your creativity

Even for beginners, CapCut makes it simple to create many great video editing effects, such as the smooth delayed effect used with CapCut velocity edit.

CapCut exports include watermarks by default, although these watermarks may be readily deleted.

You may quickly identify any errors or superfluous content and fix them for your film with its assistance. If not, you can find yourself in a sticky scenario where you have to extensively recreate a film that is almost done.

You can definitely finish since CapCut automatically saves your work when a network connection is active and lets you undo an edit at any moment, but if you wish to combine all revisions, you’ll have a lot of work to do.

Overall Capcut is highly recommended for all your video editing needs. Feel free to express your thoughts and feelings about CapCut in the comments section below.

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