CapCut Complete Review 2024 – Is CapCut good editing app?

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You’ll adore CapCut, an app created by the people behind TikTok. If you frequently upload material to social network such as TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat or YouTube, this is the best app available for video editing. Capcut is a feature-rich video editor in 2024 for creating videos on iOS or Android devices.

This package includes attributes such as speed adjustments, filters, emoticons, effects, background music. There is a possibility to perhaps even split and reverse to create your movies more TikTok-ready because it is platform-focused.

When it comes to enhancing your videos, CapCut provides a mobile-friendly UI and fantastic features like auto-captioning and background-color removal for a green screen effect.

It is a perfect fit if you’re a TikTok maker or want to begin your content creation journey on the network, but it doesn’t offer a full editing software like other free apps for the platform.

Capcut interface
Capcut interface

The main features offered by Capcut which sets this app apart is: Frame-by-frame split editing, Music library with audio effects & mood-based soundtracks, TikTok-tailored effects and filters, Reverse video function and Speed Control.

The main lacking areas are: It is available only for mobile (you can install on PC using emulator). It also does not allow key and advanced editing features. Another drawback is you can add only a single music track with a video. On lengthy videos, the reverse function operates slowly and takes time to process. It is inadequate for editing lengthy videos, such as those for YouTube or vlogs.

What is CapCut video editor app?

A free and easy-to-use video editing app called CapCut recently topped the charts of both the App Store and Google Play. With just a few touches, you can create cinematic videos. Let’s examine it in more detail in this page, from its basic characteristics to its amazing impacts.

CapCut is a mobile software for iOS and Android smartphones that was created exclusively to enhance the fundamental video editing capabilities of the well-known social media platform, TikTok. The app is advertised as a freeware TikTok editing app and is free to download.

Capcut transitions
Capcut transitions

Similar capabilities in CapCut for iOS and Android let you edit your TikTok movies with things like filters, stickers, speed adjustments, background music, effects, and more. To make your TikTok movies look more refined and professional, it also includes editing options like split, reverse, and others.

CapCut is one of the greatest apps available if you’re seeking for a free video editor to make stylish and beautiful films for social media. With a tonne of functionality and a simple interface, CapCut enables you to perform all fundamental and sophisticated video creation operations.

You have a wide range of tools at your disposal, including those for cutting films, adding overlays, and integrating music.

How to Download and Install Capcut?

CapCut stands for capture and cut videos. Therefore you can download the app from the below links and start changing and trimming videos. Just click on below links, download and install on your phone.

CapCut is available for free download on iOS and Android. Also there is a PC version if you would like to use. To use the app, you don’t need a TikTok account or any other kind of account. However you may choose to create an account if insisted.

You can use CapCut right away after launching it. That’s because CapCut is solely a video editing tool, in contrast to TikTok. There is no social media element, no video stream, and there are no profiles that you can subscribe to.

Important Features available on this app

CapCut is one of the greatest apps available if you’re seeking for a free video editor to make stylish and beautiful films for social media. With a ton of functionality and a simple interface, CapCut enables you to perform all fundamental and sophisticated video creation operations. You have a wide range of tools at your disposal, including those for cutting films, adding overlays, and integrating music. Let’s dive into our in-depth feature list below to discover more about the top CapCut video editing tools that may help you create creative Instagram Reels or Shorts.

Speed Control

Select a preset speed, like as 0.1x or 3.0x, in relation to the video’s original speed by tapping on the Speed icon. As you make these speed modifications, you’ll be able to watch the length of the movie vary, which is very helpful.

Regarding speed control, it’s important to consider the original video’s resolution. Make sure the source is in full definition or was filmed at a high frame rate if you intend to employ slow motion. For instance, 30 frames per second might be ideal for videos that play normally, but if you slow it down to 0.1x, it might appear amateurish and grainy. To circumvent these problems, try taking the picture at 60 frames per second or higher.

Features of Capcut
Features of Capcut

Split the video

Simply launch a video, drag the playhead to the desired location, and select the Split option. Because you can perform this frame-by-frame to see the precise split place, you do not even lose any video data when you split the file.

Having a clear notion of which segments of the video footage you want to use will help you use the split function to its best advantage. By tapping + and adding movies from your Gallery or Camera Roll, you can then import them into the app. Select each one once they are inside to alter it and divide it at the predetermined spots.

The ideal approach is frequently to have a plan before you start, as it can otherwise occupy a huge amount of time.

trimming and splitting functions
trimming and splitting functions

Flip the Video – Reverse Function

This one is a little trickier since you can only deal with extremely brief videos, because the functionality is hard to find or use. Larger videos may lead the app to stall or your device to break because the back end processing is highly resource- and complexity-intensive.

Make sure the film you’re reversing isn’t too long, or at the very least, ensure your device has enough RAM (8GB or more) to handle big files.
Short videos with lots of action are perfect for reverse videos.

reverse functions
reverse functions


To lighten or enhance your films and give them a more polished appearance, choose from a variety of filters. To improve the quality of videos, there are a variety of beautification tools as well as filters based on colour and season.

If you have many clips with distinct colour ranges or varying contrast and brightness levels, filters can also be employed efficiently. Since most of them cannot be edited in CapCut, you can prevent the need for a desktop editor by selecting the appropriate filters and using them consistently throughout all of your clips.

Text and Stickers

Because stickers are so creative, using them is enjoyable, and CapCut offers a wide variety. On your video, you’ll find practically everything you require to convey oneself in an entertaining fashion. For your TikTok videos, you can add entertaining stickers.

Additionally, text can be effectively used on videos. Text that has animation highlights particular aspects of the movie that the audience might otherwise overlook. The video becomes more interesting and entertaining by adding hilarious effects.

Here’s a great piece of advice: use stickers extremely selectively. With too many labels in one scene, you don’t want to lose your viewers. Only use them if they produce the required results after spreading them out.

Adding text to Capcut
Adding text to Capcut

Music Collection

Your TikTok videos can be greatly improved by using the fantastic library of royalty-free sound effects and music that CapCut offers. By inserting an audio file and adjusting its location to match the video, you may quickly insert the high-quality recordings.

Finding the proper music might be challenging, so here are a few suggestions:

  • Look for something that has a beat that corresponds to the motions in the video.
  • Pair the right musical style with the video’s mood.
  • For optimum impact, strategically place audio effects throughout the video.


Additionally, a variety of special effects are available, including split-screen, retro, humorous, dreamy, party, and more. These effects add new components to your film, giving the impression that it has been expertly produced. You can perfect your effects to acquire the precise one that is appropriate for that video by choosing from the subcategories of effects found inside each of these categories.

Another fantastic effect is the mixing effect, which enables you to layer one video on top of another so that the topics blend together in the finished product.

How to use Capcut app to create wonderful videos?

CapCut is accessible via the web, Windows, macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. The most functions are available for mobile devices, followed by those for Windows and macOS desktops (might require an emulator to download).

Any online browser can be used to use CapCut, but it is less feature-rich than the mobile apps. Without even needing to establish an account, you may begin modifying videos after downloading the program.

The finest aspect is that it gives you the option to freely erase the CapCut watermark from videos. Remember that in order to edit videos on the internet, you must submit each clip to the cloud. On the other hand, you may locally edit films on desktop and mobile apps, which is fantastic.

How to edit using Capcut - screenshot
How to edit using Capcut – screenshot

On all platforms, CapCut is accessible for free, however some add-ons need in-app purchases. However, you can get rid of the watermark for nothing. In-app purchases are necessary for some transitions, video effects, filters, and templates. But every function, no matter how basic or sophisticated, is freely accessible across all platforms, including desktop, mobile, and web.

Watch this following video to understand how certain effects can be applied on Capcut

How to do the 3D Photo Trend on TikTok (CapCut 3D Zoom Effect)

Positives and Negatives of this application

The adage that video editing is very difficult needs to be forgotten. With the arrival of CapCut, the opportunity to begin your video editing journey presents itself.

It focuses on reducing complicated procedures and outlining key ideas in video production so that anyone, regardless of background or location, may make amazing videos on their cellphones.

CapCut is fantastic, but compared to certain full-featured, professional video editing programmes for Windows or Mac, like Adobe Premiere Pro, it still has a ways to go in terms of sophisticated tools and effects. I’d like to highlight some of its benefits and drawbacks here.


  • It is easy to edit videos without much hassle
  • 3D Zoom is an amazing feature which is available only on this app
  • You may quickly switch to your language thanks to the language-switching tool – it supports Spanish, Turkish, Italian, French and Russian etc
  • Many different special effects such as split-screen, comic, retro, dreamy, party etc
  • Capcut is very resilient – very rarely fails unless you have a low end device or huge video
  • App is completely free and does not even have ads
  • various filters to make your videos look more professional by softening or sharpening them
  • Does not require you to watermark your videos with its background
  • There is no restriction on the quality of videos that you can export
  • It is widely available across phones, tablets, desktop etc.
  • Simple interface which is easy to navigate
  • Wide array of copyrighted songs and royalty free music
  • A rich set of templates to apply to the videos
  • Latest hit songs, effects, filters, and transitions
  • All the latest functions to create a captivating video effects

Capcut pros and cons
Capcut pros and cons


  • Addition of tracks is relatively difficult
  • Lack of sophisticated colour grading techniques that maintain the flexibility of all clips’ uniformity
  • Some features’ accuracy flaws, such as the removal of backdrop and body affects
  • On smartphones and tablets, don’t support landscape mode.
  • Frame rates higher than 60 FPS cannot be set
  • Not available in all countries (such as India)
  • If you are editing large videos then it might crash
  • When there are too many effects and filters, it can be perplexing for new users, but as you start exploring, it becomes clear which ones you use.
  • The KeyFrames feature needs lot of practice to become good at

Your video editing hopes may have been dampened by these shortcomings, but there are still many exciting developments to look forward to in other areas, such as text, B-roll (multiple overlays), audio editing, and special effects.

Summary of video editing features available on CapCut

CapCut come with a variety of features to cater to the needs of users, from beginners to professionals. Here is the summary of common features you will find:

Basic Editing Features:

Trimming and Cutting:

  • Ability to cut and trim video clips to remove unwanted parts.


  • Splitting a video into multiple segments for more precise editing.


  • Combining multiple video clips into one cohesive video.

Adding Transitions:

  • Inserting transitions between clips for smoother visual flow.

Adjusting Speed:

  • Speeding up or slowing down video clips for creative effects.

Basic Effects:

  • Applying basic visual effects, such as filters or color correction.

Advanced Editing Features:

Advanced Effects and Filters:

  • Access to a wide range of visual effects, color grading, and filters for more advanced editing.

Green Screen (Chroma Key):

  • The ability to remove a specific color (often green or blue) to replace the background.


  • Setting keyframes to animate changes in parameters over time.

Audio Editing:

  • Adjusting audio levels, adding music, and incorporating sound effects.

Advanced Transitions:

  • More intricate transition effects, such as wipes, fades, or 3D transitions.

Motion Tracking:

  • Tracking and following the movement of an object or person in the video.

Text and Titles:

  • Adding text, titles, and captions with various fonts and styles.


  • Correcting shaky footage for smoother playback.

Audio Effects:

  • Applying audio effects, such as equalization or reverb.

Export and Sharing:

Export Options:

  • Various export formats and settings for different platforms and devices.

Sharing Directly:

  • Direct sharing options to social media platforms or cloud storage.

Resolution and Quality Settings:

  • Choosing the output resolution and quality of the final video.

User Interface and Ease of Use:

Intuitive Interface:

  • A user-friendly interface for easy navigation and quick learning.

Drag-and-Drop Functionality:

  • Simple drag-and-drop functionality for adding and arranging clips.

Timeline Editing:

  • A timeline for organizing and editing the sequence of video clips.


  • Undo and redo options for correcting mistakes.

Additional Features:

Multi-Platform Compatibility:

  • The ability to work seamlessly on multiple platforms, such as desktop and mobile.

Cloud Integration:

  • Integration with cloud storage services for easy access to projects across devices.

Collaboration Tools:

  • Features that enable collaboration, allowing multiple users to work on a project simultaneously.

Template and Presets:

  • Pre-designed templates and presets for quick and easy editing.

3D Editing:

  • Advanced features for editing and manipulating 3D footage.

AI-powered Tools:

  • Some apps use artificial intelligence for features like automatic color correction or content suggestions.

The availability of these features can vary across various versions of CapCut that has evolved over time. CapCut is preferred app for millions of users due to various editing needs and the complexity of the projects you plan to undertake.

Reviews by real users

Following are some of the reviews written by real users after using Capcut.

Review 1: Highly Recommend

I adore this app! Although it isn’t the most sophisticated editor, this program is pretty good. Auto velocity, sound effects, animated text, and many other features are available for free, which initially overwhelmed me. Additionally, you can create your own design to distribute or choose from hundreds of free layouts. There is a watermark on it, but you can remove it for nothing. The main drawback is that it’s challenging to center objects and set them where you desire. Other than that, I wholeheartedly endorse!

Review 2: Amazing

If you play about with all the options, it’s quite simple to use and it helped me so much. Even so, there are two issues. I go to correct any spelling errors I find in the text I type on the screen. However, when I do, it malfunctions and multiplies a lot of letters, forcing me to start over.

Lag is another issue. It slows horribly when I use editing tools like halo blur or colour edge. Apart than that, it’s fantastic! Definitely suggest for aspiring editors.

How to edit on Capcut
How to edit on Capcut

Review 3: Stopped Working

This app used to be excellent in my opinion, but now it won’t allow me do anything and stopped operating on my phone, so I had to get a new one. Then it operated there before ceasing once more. It claims that my internet connection is poor, however when I use data, both, both, and wireless, none of them function.

And there are no problems with my internet. I am unable to add any effects, audios, stock overlays, or any elements at all. If you don’t get this, it’s good for edits, so I really hope it gets rectified.

Review 4: No Help from Developer

I adore the app, however it is not good at all if the developer won’t respond to your email asking for assistance when you have the option to do so on the app. I already use other video editing program before finding this one, but some of the functions aren’t uploading or working properly. I submitted a video and a detailed message outlining my problems. It’s unfortunate because this one would have been fantastic because I use these applications for my YouTube channel.

There are hundreds of such reviews from the users across the internet. People like Capcut for all the wonderful functionality offered by this app which makes their video editing task effortless. However, there are also many drawbacks as outlines above. So the choice if for you.

capcut overlays feature
Capcut overlays feature

Closing Thoughts

Your TikTok videos can be greatly improved by using the fantastic library of royalty-free sound effects and music that CapCut offers. By adding an audio track and adjusting its location to match the video, you may quickly insert the high-quality recordings. In the past year, ByeDance’s owner has made significant investments in growing the library.

When CapCut developed the 3D zoom effect, which gives the “3D Zoom” impression to any regular photo, it gained notoriety, and that is when I first started using it. None of the competing applications have been able to successfully imitate this functionality.

In conclusion, CapCut is an excellent location to start your adventure if you are new to video editing and require a resource-efficient tool that can dynamically transition to several languages other than English, is stable (particularly on Android), and is free without WaterMarks.

Let us know what you feel about Capcut in the comments section including any new feature you want to be added in the app.

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