How to do Capcut 3D Zoom Effect – Detailed Guide

Capcut 3D Zoom tutorial

Create amazing 3D motion pictures to wow your friends. Learn how to use the video editing tool CapCut to create 3D photos for the TikTok fad!

In the latest TikTok 3D craze, there have been many well-edited and imaginative video clips that feature moving visuals with 3D effects and display beautiful photos and photographs to the viewer in an exciting way. The 3D visuals appear so realistically that you could even believe a 3D movie is running when it is truly only a photograph with special effects.

You only need a video processing service called CapCut to create this kind of video effect. Learn about CapCut, the CapCut 3D picture effect, and how to create your own 3D photo trend with this detailed tutorial!

3D Zoom Trend in Capcut/Tiktok

The 3D photo craze has recently become quite popular on TikTok. What, though, is the 3D effect? In actuality, it alludes to the 3D CapCut zoom effect. This effect is applied to the photographs you have provided, giving them a 3D appearance.

Your photo seems to zoom and move after using the 3D Zoom effect. Just give the motionless photos some motion. The Ken Burns effect in video and film creation is similar to the CapCut 3D effect in sound. To apply this effect to photographs and videos, try Capcut on your PC, iPhone, or Android device.

A while back, editing software became quite popular among users, enabling them to add saturation, shadow, and brightness to specific photographs in order to make their major hit with their viewers.

Similar to this, a brand-new apk called Capcut with a 3D zooming effect emerged and astounded its user with its 3D effects. Users may choose many photographs at once and give them a three-dimensional appearance.

Images or backdrop components can have the 3D zoom effect captured on them to make them appear more realistic.

The most recent TikTok 3D photo trends showcase all the outstanding ingenuity and imagination in everything related to 3 dimensions and beautiful photos.

The popular 3D picture editing technique, known as CapCut 3D zoom, was inspired by a shot of an adorable cat. As you would have anticipated, the photo soon gained popularity on social networking sites like Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.

Why to use Capcut for creating 3D Zoom?

The authorized video editor for TikTok videos that are uploaded to TikTok is CapCut. Over 500 million people have downloaded the app from Google Play, including content creators and casual users. The software may also be found on the App Store.

It has the following fashionable features:

  • Combine or separate videos
  • Trim or tighten the clips.
  • Zoom-out and zoom-in animations for photographs and videos
  • Multiple audio tracks can be added to videos

CapCut 3D Zoom Effect using Photos

We are going to show you how to make pictures look 3d according to a trend that is going around on Tiktok. Let us see how it is done in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Download and Open the Capcut App

  • To get started you’ll first need the app called capcut. You can just find this in the app store.
  • Once you download it open the app and click new project
Download and Open the Capcut App
Download and Open the Capcut App

Step 2: Importing photos and edit in the new project

  • After selecting “New project,” the “Albums” window will appear. Make sure the “Photos” category is chosen before choosing a photo to edit (see the screenshot below).
  • Next, choose your photo and click “Add” in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • The editing panel will show up when you submit a photo to CapCut.
  • You must press the “Edit” option in the bottom-left corner to reach the “Style” option, where you may then create a 3D effect.
Create new project with photos
Create new project with photos

Step 3: Choosing the Style and Applying 3D zoom

  • Click on the timeline to choose the newly inserted picture file, then select Style from the lower panel to access the CapCut Style option.
Selecting the style option
Selecting the style option
  • Click each image, move your cursor over the bottom bar, select Style, then look for and select 3D Zoom.
  • View your photo after the procedure is complete. To make this change, simply click the checkbox.
apply the 3d zoom effect
Apply the 3D zoom effect

Step 4: Finishing the zoom effect and exporting

  • There are several picture effects accessible, as you can see from the CapCut Style menu: Auto Velocity, 3D Zoom, Photo Puzzle, Big head, 3D Zoom Pro etc.
Editing the style effect
Editing the style effect
  • Three-dimensional zoom effects come in two varieties: 3D Zoom and 3D Zoom Pro. Try choosing one of them for your picture.
  • Next, press the check button located in the lower right corner.
  • Since you guys finished making your 3D Zoom video. Then, by selecting the Export icon in the upper right corner of the screen, you may also export your creation. This symbol will indicate a dash above an upward-facing arrow.
  • Share the exported video with your friend network on TikTok, Facebook or Snapchat
exporting the video to tiktok
Exporting the video to Tiktok

Watch the video tutorial below to easily follow the above steps:

How to do the 3D Photo Trend on TikTok

Common Questions asked about 3D Zoom in Capcut

Users have lot of questions surrounding 3D Zoom effect and the problems encountered during the same. We have addressed some of them below:

Can the zoom effect be used on Capcut PC?

As we speak Capcut is also available on computers. Read about the same here. In that article we have discussed 2 steps with which you can download Capcut on your PC. Once you download and install (either directly or using an emulator). Just follow the steps as described above for android or iphones.

How use pictures to achieve zoom effect?

To create a 3D zoom effect to your still pictures, you often need to use a graphic or video editing application. However, using the CapCut app it is simple. The instructions for using the CapCut 3D Zoom effect are provided above in this page.

3D photo trend TikTok
3D photo trend TikTok

Is it free to use Capcut?

The features of CapCut are entirely free. There is no premium version of the application. Some of the functions may not be accessible to you due to your location. Use a VPN and pick a location with all features accessible if this is the case.

What are the requirements to do the 3D zoom?

All you need is a smartphone and an app. What you need to make it function is as follows:

  • an iOS or Android smartphone
  • Captcut application downloaded from the Google Play Store or the App Store

What to do if some features are locked?

Even some of the app’s functionalities are restricted by area. So, even if you used an APK or another method to install the software. You guys might still not be able to use the 3D Zoom style if you’re in an unsupported area. You may wish to utilize a VPN software of your choice if you find yourself in such a predicament.

What are the alternatives to Capcut 3D zoom?

In case you are not happy with the zoom effect created by Capcut, you may explore alternatives. There are plenty of video editing apps in the market today such as Vivavideo, Kinemaster, Funimate, Filmora Go. They all have great features and offer very good editing effects.

What are the ways to Create 3D Effects in CapCut on an iPhone?

Three-dimensional images may be found on TikTok and other social media sites by a lot of iPhone users. The “3D Zoom” feature of the CapCut app was used to produce this 3D picture effect.

The application provides a wide range of video editing options in addition to this effect. Due to the fact that CapCut and TikTok were created by the same firm, it is likely that this effect became quite popular on TikTok (ByteDance).

Of course, you don’t need a TikTok account to benefit from this wonderful effect. You only need an iPhone and the CapCut app, which is available for download from the App Store.

What are the ways to TikTok 3D Photo Trend on Android?

On Android and iOS smartphones, you have to have the free editing tool CapCut to do 3D picture zoom. The default TikTok video editor is CapCut, which supports iOS and Android and provides a fantastic 3D zoom effect. Just follow the same steps as described above.

Is TikTok the owner of Capcut?

ByteDance, a Chinese business that also owns Tiktok, is also the owner of Capcut. Because it offers users amazing options for altering films and photographs beyond the pale, Capcut has received an overwhelmingly positive reaction from users.

How to add song for the trend?

Once you are done with the zoom effect, just download an audio file to your system. Extract the same within Capcut using the “Audio” option at the bottom of the screen. Here the sound gets added to the video. Just adjust the length and duration of the beats. You are now ready to export the video clip along with sound effect.

Adding audio file to Tiktok trend
Adding audio file to Tiktok trend

How to delete the Capcut logo at the end?

Sometimes Capcut adds the logo or watermark at the end of the clip. This might be annoying for some. However, do not worry as you can easily remove the same. Just select the portion at the end of the clip from the timeline and click on delete button. Now the logo should be gone and you can now share it on Tiktok.

Deleting the Capcut logo from the video
Deleting the Capcut logo from the video


Among the most well-liked TikTok trends is the 3D picture trend. The trend is simple to produce if you have the correct instruments, despite the fact that it could initially look complicated. You can make engaging videos in a matter of minutes with CapCut and your smartphone.

With CapCut, a very useful application for video editing, you can create a ton of amazing video/photo effects. If you like using your smartphone to edit films and pictures, this is a great option. Additionally, features like 3D zoom may be quickly added with a single click.

Sound effects to Capcut zoom
Sound effects to Capcut zoom

We hope you were able to apply CapCut’s 3D effect after reading this post and that you were able to give your photographs a polished appearance.

Do you make videos for TikTok or do you simply watch them? Which TikTok trends are your favorites and least favorites? Comment below with your answer and let us know.

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