How to Find and Use New Trend Templates using CapCut?

How to get and use CapCut Templates

Amazingly quickly, the free video editing app CapCut has trended worldwide. However, if you’re wondering what makes CapCut standout in addition to its robust editing features, the answer is unquestionably the outstanding templates it offers. These templates give people’s works limitless modification options by fusing high-quality music and filter effects.

How to get and apply templates in CapCut will be explained in detail in this tutorial. Before you begin, if you’d want to understand more about CapCut, you may read the CapCut app review.

TikTok users are going bonkers about CapCut templates. Even if you’ve never heard of CapCut, chances are that if you frequent TikTok, you’ve already seen a CapCut template. Videos made with CapCut templates are so exquisite that TikTok’s algorithm recommends them fast which causes them to spread quickly.

CapCut templates are a simple and entertaining approach to create more pertinent material and maybe broaden your TikTok audience. I’ll explain what CapCut templates are in detail, why utilizing them is beneficial, and how to utilize a CapCut template on TikTok.

How to Find templates for CapCut?

The following are the options from which you can easily find and apply your favorite CapCut template:

  • On the CapCut app
  • Through TikTok
  • From CapCut Desktop

But you must first download the CapCut app for Android or iOS in order to access these templates from these platform. In case if you have any issue using any of the template using CapCut read our guide here.

Finding templates on CapCut app

  • Once the CapCut app has been downloaded and launched, go to the bottom of the screen to find the “Template” button.
Click on Templace Icon
Click on Templace Icon
  • Once you’re in the Template page, you may either select from a variety of templates that have been suggested by others or from genres like fitness, memes, vintage, effects, and more.
Variety of CapCut templates
Variety of CapCut templates
  • Additionally, you may have access to templates made just for Reels or TikTok.
  • Additionally, you can use the search box to browse other templates and type in precise keywords related to the kind of video material you wish to produce.
Search for template
Search for template
  • You may use the search field to identify templates associated with particular phrases if you have specific themes you wish to apply, such as adhering to a particular trend on Instagram or TikTok.

Getting CapCut templates using TikTok

Amazing CapCut templates may be easily found inside the TikTok app. Additionally, you may see if a particular template is suitable to you by seeing the comments and reactions on the template. More trending templates will be visible upfront.

  • Launch TikTok, then look for the the “search” option at the top.
Capcut template in TikTok
Capcut template in TikTok
  • Type in “CapCut Templates.” Use keywords if you’re looking for a certain kind of template, like velocity, new trend, viral etc.
  • Explore the search choices by swiping to the right left or up and down.
use template option 6495cc168b671
Use Template option
  • You can click on a template to see the Preview of the video.
  • Another choice is to browse your For You Page on TikTok.
  • Here you may choose the “Use this template in CapCut” option which will directly take you to CapCut.
  • The template can then be modified in accordance with your needs.
  • You may choose to enhance the video using text, music, pictures etc.

Applying template on CapCut PC

Using template on CapCut PC is currently available. You just need to follow the below simple steps. Please note that some of the templates currently available for CapCut mobile might not be there on CapCut PC and vice versa.

  • Open the CapCut desktop website
  • Click on the login button on the top right of the screen
Signin to CapCut
Signin to CapCut
  • Login using your social credentials such as Google, TikTok or Facebook
Log in
Log in
  • Your profile will load, here look for “Templates” options from the left
Find templates on the left
Find templates on the left
  • Click on templates and browse from various categories such as For TikTok, memes, business, fandom, For Reels etc.
Trending latest templates
Trending latest templates
  • After that you can click on any template to open the Preview option such as in the image below
  • Finally click on “Use This Template” option
Applying the template
Applying the template
  • You will need to replace the media with your own photos and videos to make it unique and interesting
Replace the media with your own
Replace the media with your own

How to use Templates on CapCut?

You can carry out the following when you find the template that you like:

  • Click on “CapCut – Try this template” from the TikTok screen. You will be sent to a screen that displays the template, the name of the creator, and the number of usage.
CapCut try this template
CapCut try this template
  • In case you are inside CapCut app then you should choose “Use Template in CapCut” option.
Use Template in CapCut
Use Template in CapCut
  • Preview the template after being taken to the CapCut app.
  • Now pick a picture or a video of yours to use in the template. Essentially you are modifying the clip to create your own content.
add your own photos or video 6495cc0eeb2af
Add your own photos or video
  • After choosing the image you wish to use, select “Preview.”
  • Now that your clip has loaded, you may modify it however you like it.

How to edit videos made using CapCut Templates?

Once you have applied the template using the steps given above, you may proceed to editing the video to make it look more customized:

  • Below the video you will see the timeline which you can use to edit
  • You may reposition the chosen image under video.
  • You may select “Crop” to change the picture’s display or “Replace” to try a different image there.
  • There is no uniformity because the templates were made by users. Getting your photo to align properly might be challenging.
  • The person’s clip in the template can’t be moved, thus it can obscure certain crucial elements of your photo.
  • Up until you find a solution that works, keep changing the image or experimenting with the cropping.
  • Since CapCut does not allow for picture editing, you may use any photo editor from app store for making your photo edits
  • Make sure to make any necessary adjustments to the image itself (brightness, exposure, saturation, etc.) before adding it to the template.
  • To edit the text, tap on “Text” and then click on “Edit.”
  • Unfortunately, CapCut does not allow you to alter fonts or colors. You can leave some blank space which can be later added with text while posting on TikTok.
  • You cannot just leave the text box empty; otherwise, the final version would state “add text here” when exported.
  • When you’re finished, click on “Export” in the upper right. You can choose the quality of output video from here.
  • Either export the new clip directly to TikTok or download it to your camera roll.
  • We advise exporting it directly to TikTok as that gets rid of the CapCut watermark.
  • If you didn’t add words in CapCut, do it after your clip is in TikTok.
  • Post the photo after adding a description and hashtags or keep it in drafts to share later.

What are CapCut Templates?

In essence, the video editing tool CapCut makes it simple to edit video footage. You have the option of starting from scratch to make your own film or using one of their ready-made templates (which incorporate music, filters, effects, and more).

You can utilize CapCut templates inside the TikTok app since TikTok and CapCut belong to by the same parent business.

CapCut templates are outstanding because they make content production simple and available to everyone, even complete beginners. You don’t need any prior knowledge with video editing—just load the videos into a preexisting template to start increasing awareness!

In a way, CapCut templates represent a new wave of memes. Characters from popular culture are frequently overlaid over images or videos, along with text and synchronized audio.

Anyone may use these amusing templates to make their own riffs on the original joke because they are readily available in the CapCut app.

What is the utility of CapCut Templates?

Many TikTok content producers have observed that clips employing CapCut templates appear to receive a boost from the algorithm. These films get a boost naturally since they are so interesting to watch.

People frequently find that their CapCut templates get more shares than some of their other videos. Shares are a crucial component of the TikTok algorithm since they demonstrate to the platform that users find your content to be so enjoyable that they want to recommend it to their friends.

You have a fantastic opportunity to produce humorous, relevant content that connects with your target audience by using CapCut templates.

CapCut templates are appealing increase the engage time due to following counts:

  • The majority of CapCut templates are only a few seconds long, so viewers may swiftly watch the entire thing without becoming bored.
  • Given that the format is well-known, viewers may be more inclined to stay than they would be if it were a talking video of an unknown person who might not be able to capture their interest right away.

Advantages of using templates in CapCut

Following are the main advantages of using Templates in CapCut:

  • When you’re out of ideas, CapCut templates are a terrific method to spark fresh thought process.
  • The format, which resembles a meme, might serve as a catalyst to spark your imagination.
  • It could even inspire you to publish about subjects beyond the scope of your usual material, introducing your audience to fresh and intriguing facets of content you are producing.
  • It’s worthwhile to incorporate CapCut templates in addition to your more labor-intensive clips because they need relatively little more work.

Where does CapCut get these templates from?

Users individually produce them. On CapCut, you may follow template designers. But it’s not required if you wish to utilize their template.

For the benefit of the rest of us, template makers build up humorous clips from TV shows, movies, and celebrity interviews that are perfect for becoming TikTok memes as CapCut templates by scouring the internet for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the questions which users might think off when it comes to CapCut templates. If you have any more questions please post it in the comments section below:

Which CapCut templates start becoming viral?

On the internet, nobody can predict what will become popular. The more time you spend online, the more adept you get at making educated guesses about what could become popular. But you can never be certain that a particular CapCut template will become popular.

Any template with more than 10,000 applications is worthwhile. There are latest trending templates such as Modeslcut, Habibi, ICAL, healing thailand etc which have trended like crazy and garnered millions of downloads.

Where do I find the latest and trending CapCut templates?

You can find the most recent and trending CapCut templates online. Usually the creators make the template for CapCut and host the content which is available by searching in Google. Additionally, we share the latest unique CapCut templates which are trending in market.

Also, there are a lot of third party websites who share the templates on their sites. You can also download the CapCut templates from such sites but be careful about the same.

How to make the template look more unique and interesting?

Although CapCut templates are a terrific place to start, you should always strive to customize them rather than simply duplicating them. You should mix and match the templates to suit your niche and put your own distinctive spin on a trend because they let you utilize your own videos, photographs, and text.

Utilizing trendy templates is crucial if you want to increase interaction and brand recognition. Make sure while utilizing CapCut templates that you aren’t simply using one style to maintain your TikTok and Instagram profile appearing diversified, interesting, and fun. Use a range of distinct trends, styles, and themes while using templates.

How do I remove the watermark at the end of the template?

Make sure to remove the CapCut watermark at the end of the clip before storing your CapCut templates to your phone or exporting your reels directly to TikTok.

Your clips will instantly look more professional when the CapCut watermark is gone because there won’t be any additional logos vying for viewers’ attention. Just go to end of the timeline of the video clip to remove the end portion of the video which usually has the watermark.

You also get an option at the time of exporting to “Export without Watermark“.

How to solve CapCut template not showing problem?

Sometimes you might face issues with using CapCut templates. You might not see the option “Template” inside your CapCut application. In such cases you may do one of the following:

  • Install the most recent version of CapCut.
  • The phone operating system might be outdated and needs to be updated.
  • Reinstall CapCut using original app store
  • Use VPN if CapCut application is blocked in your country
  • Visit TikTok to directly find templates.
  • Search online for templates and download it from trusted third party websites.

Closing Thoughts

CapCut is a widely used video editor for all kinds of needs. It’s cost-free and integrates flawlessly with TikTok, and offers a huge variety of designs.

With CapCut templates, you can easily create outstanding viral films while staying up to speed with the most recent trends. With the help of these templates, which mix amazing filters, effects, stickers, words, and music, your movie will stand out from the crowd.

Let us know in the comments if you have used CapCut template. Did it increase your video views and interactions among the community?

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