Download CapCut APK for Android – 12.3.0 Latest Version Update – [July 2024]

Download and Install Capcut

Videos are used for various purposes in the current generation such as entertainment, business etc. CapCut APK is packed with powerful features required for modern day video editing. You can trim, cut, add music, keyframes and overlays using CapCut app.

CapCut app can be used for making reels, educational video materials, business, marketing, vlogs etc. There are many people who make money by producing various clips, and people are always learning new things.

A great editing application is what everyone wants to use. There are lot of such apps in the market, but the one which stands above the rest is CapCut because it’s one of the most remarkable ones. CapCut is available for both Android as well as iOS users. Latest version update is released for July 2024.

What is CapCut APK?

CapCut is a free all-in-one video editing tool using which you can make very good video edits.

This particular app offers a ton of outstanding characteristics and movie editing capabilities to provide users the ability to create the finest films ever. Here, users may put many clips together to produce a single video.

Additionally, CapCut app offers a ton of lovely filters that will enhance the beauty of the video. The films may be edited to your preferences, and you can add various stickers to them to give them a more expressive feel.

CapCut Download APK
CapCut Video Editor Online

How to Download CapCut APK Latest Version?

You may directly download the app from Google Play Store. Alternatively you can directly download the app free of cost from capeditcut website as below:

Latest Version Number12.3.0
Last UpdatedJuly 22, 2024
Release DateApril 10, 2020
Package Namecom.lemon.lvoverseas
TypeVideo and Photo Editor
Size246.98 MB
Number of Downloads1,000,000,000+
Operating SystemAndroid
File TypeAPK
In-app paid featuresCapCut PRO
Minimum Android Version5.0 or higher
In-app purchases$0.49 – $629.99 per item
Highlights of Capcut Latest Version in Android
  • Posting only your beautiful moments makes it easier than ever to cut, rewind, and alter pace.
  • A universe of possibilities are made possible by sophisticated filters and perfect aesthetic effects.
  • Huge music collection with a lot of royalty free music.
  • Use the hottest fonts and stickers to fully express yourself in your films.
  • Make up your own magic using a variety of effects.
CapCut Banner on the Play Store
CapCut Banner on the Play Store

How to Install CapCut 2024?

Use the below steps to easily download and install the latest version of the APK on to your phone. Read this post if are getting stuck somewhere.

  • Click on the Download button provided above
  • Wait for the download to complete
  • Select the downloaded file to begin installation
  • On your device select “Install unknown apps” option in case it is not installing
  • After installation just use the app like ever before. Read here on how to start timeline editing in CapCut.

In case if you are looking for CapCut latest version download for iOS devices then click the below link.

What are the features in the Latest Edition of CapCut APK?

Below are each of the functions and features in the latest version of Capcut Video Editor App:

  • Simple User Interface – Typically, most of the video editing apps in the market are pretty difficult. But CapCut has a very simple user interface. Anyone may effortlessly edit movies using CapCut without encountering any difficulties.
  • Wonderful Filters – The creators of Capcut have enhanced the editing tool with a variety of wonderful filters. Your clips will now be even more visually appealing than before thanks to these filters.
  • High-Quality Videos – The finest feature of Capcut is that it has no impact on the video’s quality. The output retains the original quality of what you have uploaded. It means no losses during video conversion.
Capcut Features
Capcut Features
  • You may also add stunning stickers and music of your choice into the videos.
  • Your films can also include any type of text in a variety of font styles. This will enable users to improve the viewer experience on their clips.
  • Magical Effects – In addition to incredible filters, this section also offers some magical effects. Your video will appear more imaginative and appealing thanks to these effects.
  • Free to Use – These kind of video editing software typically cost money since they offer such a wide variety of functionality. However, CapCut is entirely free to use, you are not required to spend anything here.

What has been added in the latest update?

Following are the list of things that have been included in the current release of CapCut APK:

  • Smooth slow motion effect.
  • A new HSL adjustment option lets you get the color tone of your choice.
  • Create breathtaking films to showcase your talent with the new Freeze Frame effect.
  • New Auto Velocity tool automatically changes the video speed and adds frames to your movie.
  • To change the colors, go to Text and Canvas and use the color picker and palette.
  • Support of additional languages such as Czech, Finnish, Greek, Dutch, Hungarian
  • AI clip shorts effect added to create numerous short videos from a long one with a click
  • Time Travel Effect: You can see how you look when you age or reverse the age
  • Auto reframe feature for optimal video positioning
  • Ability to resize the text box
  • Added new AI features to create movements that sync with the video
  • 3D text feature for giving extra effects to your text
  • Enhanced color wheel for great user experience.

Watch the below video to understand how to download the latest version Capcut on your Android Device:

How to Download & Install CapCut App (2024)

How to edit videos using CapCut latest Version?

Once you have downloaded the CapCut app from the link given above, editing videos is very simple. Just follow the steps given below to start making videos in a short amount of time:

  • After download and installation, select “New Project” to get started
  • Pick the pictures and videos from your album or gallery which you would like to edit
  • Use the bottom toolbar to modify each image/video as you like after it has loaded
  • For example, in order to insert audio or music file, click the “Audio” option in the lower left corner
  • Add beats and sync the audio with the images. Add text or captions if necessary.
  • Click on the picture and choose “animations” to create animations.
  • To add any effects, choose the “Effects” option from the toolbar.
  • Explore interesting features such as keyframes, overlays, transitions and effects
  • Once everything is finished, select the quality of the video output file
  • Click on the export option and choose “Export without Watermark” to save the video.

How to use the new features available in CapCut latest version?

Following are the steps to use the new features that have been released in the newest versions of CapCut:

Key frame animation

You can use Keyframe to animate your video or picture.

  • To use the Keyframe feature, you need to select the video clip that you would like to apply Zoom-in to.
  • Once you have selected the video clip, you can adjust the length of the video.
  • To do this, click on the icon that appears after selecting the beginning and ending point of the video.

Slow-motion Effect

It is a technique used in video editing to reduce the motion of a video. It gives a smooth, itemized look to a simple clip.

  • To create a slow-motion project, create a new one on CapCut’s home screen and select the gallery of the video you want to slow-motion.
  • To mute the video, press the “Mute clip audio” button to prevent the sound from being heard while the video is slow-motioned.
  • The Split Menu should then be separated and more video parts selected to end the effect.
  • Finally, the Cut video part should be selected and the speed menu should be clicked.
  • There are two ways to slow-motion, Normal and Curve, but the Normal method is simpler than the Curve method.
  • To customize the speed, the speed point should be slid to the left.
  • Transfer the video to your phone’s gallery. Now you’ve got a slow-motion movie you can post to your friends on social media.


If you’ve ever had a shaky video, you know how frustrating it can be to try and stabilize it. But don’t worry, CapCut makes it easy!

  • All you have to do is start a new project and pick a shaky video to stabilize.
  • Then, just tap on “add” and select the clip in your timeline.
  • Once you’ve done that, go to the toolbar and select “Stabilize” to set the level to recommended.
  • Finally, just tap the check mark and your video is ready to go!

In addition, following new features have been added in the latest release:

  • Style is now accessible. You may experiment with AI speed, mobility, etc.
  • AI Characters is now accessible. If you don’t want to appear on camera, you can have an AI persona talk for you.
  • Graphs option has been introduced
  • You can make any speech sound studio-quality by automatically eliminating background noise.
  • Color match is currently offered. A chosen clip can have its color scheme applied from a source photo.

What to do if you face issues while Downloading CapCut APK?

There are chances that you will have problems while downloading or installing CapCut APK. We have outlined a few steps you can follow to ensure that you can solve the problem:

  • Make sure you have proper Wi-Fi or data connection and you are not offline
  • Ensure that you have sufficient storage space left in your device
  • Update your Android operating system to latest version
  • Try re-installing CapCut using the latest version download link provided above
  • Download the app only from verified and trusted sources and not from any third-party websites
  • Try clearing the cache and data pertaining to CapCut application
  • Make use of VPN application to run CapCut in case the app is banned in your country
CapCut problem while downloading
CapCut problem while downloading

In case you need detailed solution to above problems you may read our guide here:

What video editing tasks can be achieved using CapCut?

With the help of CapCut you can easily enjoy video editing. Following are the key areas which can be achieved using this video editing application:

  • You will be able to edit and produce captivating video material from beginning to end using a simple software
  • The CapCut Mobile App interface is very easy to navigate and operate making all the tools easily accessible
  • You can remove unneeded portions from a video by learning how to divide, crop, and trim audio and video segments.
  • Include and modify sound effects, audio, and music. This also applies to removing noises from videos.
  • You can make the color of the pictures in your video look more appealing (Color Grading/Correction)
  • Include effects, animated graphics, titles, captions, and text.
  • Utilize the chroma key tool to create less complex visual effects in greenscreen film
  • Use the masking tool to produce clone effects
  • Include and utilize B-Rolls (overlays) into your project.
  • Use the keyframe tool to create and accomplish certain effects

You don’t always need advanced software and abilities that may take you months or even years to acquire if you want to create reels with very high quality and tricks like magic tricks and twin effect.

You can accomplish some of these goals with free mobile video editing applications like CapCut, and the knowledge and abilities you get from using them over time will help you be ready and cut down on the amount of time it will take you to master complex video editing software down the road, should the need arise.

Who can use CapCut app?

Although CapCut caters to wide variety of users and audience the following are the main category of users:

  • Owners of small businesses want to advertise their goods online
  • Those who create video material on social media and want to enhance it
  • Video editing for school and college projects
  • Social Media Digital Content creators who make interesting reels for their audience
  • People who create templates for other users requirements
  • Corporate uses such as making presentation, slide shows etc.

How do I download the CapCut previous versions APKs?

CapCut updates the app very often in order to correct for any bugs and introduce new features. Since CapCut has so many users, there is a lot of demand from users for extra features. Therefore, a new version is released almost every fortnight.

Although the latest version of CapCut is always recommended as far as safety and security is concerned, however, you might still want to download the older version.

There might be some features which do not work anymore in your latest CapCut or there might be a bug if it is a beta release. In such cases you can always download the older version using the below links.

Need help with CapCut APK Online?

We understand that there may be several challenges while using CapCut APK for Android. The common problems include unable to download, install, app crashing, not able to use features, PRO account questions etc.

Please do reach out to us using the below form and we will make sure to get back to you with a solution as soon as we can:

Contact Form

Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed down a few questions frequently asked by our users. In case you have any further queries you may post it in the comments section or contact the developer at [email protected].

Is CapCut free to use?

Yes, CapCut is currently free to download and use. However, there are certain additional features for which you will need to purchase the CapCut PRO in order to access the same.

The cost ranges from $0.29 – $174.99 per subscription depending on the type and length of PRO membership. Generally, CapCut offers better features in the free model as compared to other video editing counterparts.

How to access CapCut on PC?

how to download capcut on pc lap

CapCut has been released for the laptop/personal computers. You can find out more details from here. Direct downloading of CapCut is available on PC without any emulator or you can choose to edit on the browser itself on the website.

In case these methods are not working, you may choose to use an emulator to mimic the Android/iOS operating system on your Windows and access CapCut the way you do on a mobile device.

What is the difference between CapCut and CapCut PRO?

Download Screen of CapCut

The basic version of the app offered by ByteDance is CapCut which has limited functionalities yet powerful features. On the other hand CapCut PRO offers extended and enhanced features which unlocks everything that the video editing application has to offer.

CapCut free version itself offers most of the features such as text, filters, stickers, colors and music. Also, using the free version you can use advanced features such as smooth slow-motion effects, keyframes, overlay, chroma key, animations etc.

CapCut PRO offers higher cloud storage space of up to 100 GB. Also, certain additional effects and features such as flicker removal, glitch effect, blur effect can be unlocked using CapCut PRO. By subscribing to CapCut PRO you can automatically remove watermarks from videos and preview the video edits in real time without having to save them first.

How do I remove a CapCut watermark?

Capcut tutorial to remove watermark

CapCut generally adds a watermark at the end of the clips by default. This is done in order to spread the word with your audience. However, you may choose to remove the watermark. For this, you will need to choose the option to “Export Without a Watermark” while you are exporting. Also, you may go to the end of the clip and trim the last section of the video clip which contains the watermark.

Read our detailed guide on How to Remove CapCut Watermark.

Who is the Owner of CapCut?


CapCut is owned by ByteDance which is also the owner of TikTok. CapCut has grown significantly as a result of leveraging TikTok’s status as a top vertical video platform. Both TikTok and CapCut share the synergy of being video editing and sharing platforms. Millions of users have benefited from these applications for their social media pursuit.

Read more about Who is the owner of Capcut?

Is CapCut available in India?

Currently CapCut has been banned in India due to CapCut’s affiliation with ByteDance. However, one can access the application with the help of a VPN.

Just connect through a VPN and download CapCut APK using the link provided above in order to start editing videos.

What are CapCut templates and how to access them?

CapCut templates are the video edits created by its users which can be used to recreate your custom video. Millions of users access CapCut Templates to make trending and viral video edits. It saves a lot of time and quickly you can gain recognition from your audience.

You can find all the latest and trending CapCut Templates from our website.

Closing Thoughts

Utilize CapCut to make your clips more visually appealing and expressive than ever before, and let others applaud your originality. Start editing your videos with this software right away by downloading it.

In this post we have provided the original download link from a reliable source. Just click on the download link and follow the installation instruction provided above to get going.

Please post your comments about your likes and dislikes. Kindly share the post with your circles for greater reach.

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