Best alternatives to CapCut video editor app in 2024

Capcut Alternatives

Even for less tech-savvy people, CapCut is a user-friendly free video editing program. One of its selling points is the user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for you to quickly become familiar with all of its capabilities. With a variety of cool to beautiful transitions and effects, it may be used for any video purpose.

CapCut is a well-known editor for TikTok videos, Facebook stories, Instagram reels, and other types of social media content. It’s a simple and practical substitute for several pricy and sophisticated editing apps.

Why people prefer Capcut for video editing?

CapCut is a one-stop shop for all your video processing requirements, and you can use it for free to spruce up your videos. Never undervalue this free editor because it is packed with sophisticated enhancing features that occasionally are only offered as part of other editing applications’ subscription services. As an illustration, it provides a text-to-speech capability that supports a variety of languages and vocal effects.

You may add auto-captions to your movies using one of the 93 languages it offers. Here, you can find a ton of interesting and in-demand stickers, transitions, effects, filters, and music that will make your material pop.

Capcut Screenshot
Capcut Screenshot

This editing platform is now a convenient package that can be installed and used for a variety of creative tasks, including intro, how-to, e-commerce, promotion, and marketing films, as well as TikTok advertising.

It guarantees a secure editing environment for its users by encrypting data transmission using SSL and HTTPS. You are also given access to a highly secure cloud area where you may upload and store data that will be carefully secured by AES128 encryption. Furthermore, each user must go through a rigorous authentication procedure before being allowed access to files. Keep your movie within 15 minutes, though, as any more editing will be impossible.

Top 10 similar editing apps like CapCut

Here we provide the compilation of top 10 apps which are similar to Capcut. They offer similar or better editing features, sophistication and availability. In case if you are unhappy or dissatisfied with Capcut then you may use one of these.

Also, there are short comings of Capcut such as difficulty editing long videos, glitches, slow, less templates etc. Because of these reasons people prefer to look for alternatives such as the ones given below.

1. FilmoraGo

On their mobile devices, everyone likes producing films. Today’s smartphones have such high-quality cameras that many people actually do shoot entire short films with them. The free FilmoraGo software is fantastic for adding effects with simplicity, whether you’re trying to create a work of cinematic art or simply spice up a home movie. This robust program makes it extremely simple to crop and edit video.

The quickness and simplicity of usage that FilmoraGo offers are its key advantages. To add the appropriate filters and music, you may record a clip or import one from your phone, then choose from pre-set themes. Editing is carried out using taps and swipes, so there should be no problems. You are not restricted to the themes since you may also include reverses, text, music, and transitions.

FilmoraGo Capcut Alternative
FilmoraGo Capcut Alternative

Additionally, there is no restriction on clip length or the obnoxious watermarks that many free programmes force you to use. In-app purchases of additional themes and filters are how money is earned instead. You may share videos from FilmoraGo via email, Vimeo, Facebook, WhatsApp, WhatsApp Messenger, and other social networking platforms.

Pros of FilmoraGo

  • Simple UI and short learning curve
  • Comprehensive editing options
  • A vast array of overlay styles, text animations, and transition effects
  • Sophisticated 4K editing tools including motion tracking, scene stabilisation, 3D LUT, and noise reduction are supported.
  • The capability of modifying several tracks
  • Split-screen functionality to improve editing efficiency

Cons of FilmoraGo

  • You must pay for additional themes.
  • Longer videos have some difficulty playing on less powered devices.
  • Doesn’t have a free version available
  • Costly for consumers searching for a cheap alternative
  • Glitches in the video rendering

2. VN Video Editor

You can simply edit and create a video from photographs and music with the VN Video Editor app. You don’t need to have any experience with video editing or mixing. You only need to import your music and photographs, then modify them anyway you like. You may then save your creation and distribute it to your pals. To save your work, you have a variety of templates to select from.

You shouldn’t be concerned about this editing app’s intricacy because it is quite straightforward and simple to use. You don’t need any prior experience with video cutting or mixing to utilize this application because the editing procedure is so straightforward.

VN Video Editor is a very good alternative to Capcut.

VN Video Editor
VN Video Editor

Pros of VN Video Editor

  • Changes to texts and subtitles
  • Adding layers to a design’s editing
  • There are several supported formats.
  • You can alter the length of the content.
  • Astounding filter and animation effects
  • Interaction with more human-like spoken dictation
  • Full-screen preview mode
  • No watermark and free editing app

Cons of VN Video Editor

  • You may face problems lagging clips & losing soundtrack

3. KineMaster

KineMaster is highly recommended for expert video editors to check out. This programme, which is available for iOS and Android, enables you to capture, edit, and export your video content on your smartphone or tablet using a multi-layer user interface. Blending modes, chroma-keying, and audio mixing are examples of premium features. This is one of the best alternative to Capcut.

One of the greatest video editing tools for cutting clips and layers with frame-by-frame granularity is KineMaster, which is fluid and exact. Sub-frame precision can also be used to change the timing of audio clips.

You can submit text, photos, video with multiple layers (on compatible devices), and audio with multiple tracks. Other capabilities include speed controls, colour LUT filters, accurate volume envelope control, 3D transitions, quick edit previews, and chroma key compositing.


In summary, while this isn’t really Premiere Pro on a mobile device, it isn’t too far off, in our opinion. For a novice or casual user, its UI will be very intimidating, but pros who edit videos will like its extensive set of capabilities. To use it without latency, you’ll need a modern phone or tablet, though.

Although KineMaster is available for free download, it adds watermarks to videos that can only be removed by purchasing a subscription. Additionally, you may access more than 1,000 premium assets and export in 1080p or 4K thanks to this.

Pros of KineMaster

  • Logical and attractive interface
  • Stunning variety of characteristics
  • Features with smooth performance

Cons of KineMaster

  • Fall short of the expert standard of tuning
  • Adds watermark to videos
  • It is a paid app

4. GoPro Quik

There are several third-party apps available for editing your film if you have a GoPro. However, the official GoPro app, Quik, is the finest choice we would recommend. It focuses on two things in particular: enabling remote control of your GoPro camera and editing GoPro video. This is similar option to Capcut.

Quik quickly imports your video and makes it simple to add photographs, titles, and timelapse sequences, sync your movies to music, and incorporate graphs based on your statistics.

If your camera wasn’t positioned in line with the horizon, the Horizon Levelling editor will adjust the angle of your scene to make corrections. You may examine your video clip frame by frame to locate noteworthy still pictures.

GoPro Quik
GoPro Quik

When your pictures and videos are finished, you may send them by text message or email or immediately post them to sites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and more.

Regular upgrades to Quik have improved the app’s interface and workflow, as well as the “smarter edits” feature, introducing new music, and connecting to your camera. Although this software is free, there are in-app payments for additional themes and filters.

Pros of GoPro Quik

  • Establish a private content stream.
  • Automatic highlight reels
  • Suitable for all photos on a phone’s camera roll
  • Device-agnostic
  • Cloud storage is included
  • No cost download

Cons of GoPro Quik

  • The Quik App can only be used with GoPro material.
  • It is difficult to edit footage shot with a smartphone or DSLR using the app.
  • The new free edition only offers 18 free tracks.
  • In a 30-second video, only 10 Highlights can be tagged.

5. InShot

To create a fast video for social media, you may use InShot which is an alternative app to Capcut. Inshot, a user-friendly video editing application that provides pre-built canvas sizes for exporting clips to platforms like IGTV and TikTok, could be a better option.

We discovered Inshot’s user interface to be quite straightforward, making it simple to import, cut, and edit your movies together before adding filters, stickers, captions, emojis, and other enjoyable things on top, along with free music and sound effects.

InShot Capcut Alternative
InShot Capcut Alternative

You may preview videos in full screen mode and add distinctive stock material to your videos from a sizable collection. Although the software is free, your videos will have watermarks and advertisements.

With a simple monthly fee, both may be deleted. For more sophisticated features, one-time purchases are also an option.

Pros of InShot

  • Free of watermark videos
  • Easily navigable and usable
  • The PiP (Picture-in-Picture) feature
  • Allows for 1080p quality
  • Provides collage, image, and video editing
  • Sizing for social media, with choices for colour and backdrop
  • Vast filter, effects, and music libraries
  • Options for reversing, speeding up, and freezing video
  • Supports voiceover recording and music extraction from videos for use as the soundtrack

Cons of InShot

  • All videos have a watermark attached to them automatically, which you must take off manually
  • Spams full-screen advertising on the downloading screen and a banner ad on the editing panel.
  • Is not a good match for business films or professional video editing.
  • Editing only on mobile

6. iMovie

iMovie is an excellent option if you have a Mac and are searching for a very user-friendly and straightforward movie editor. It covers all the fundamental capabilities, like editing, trimming, adding music, and animation effects, and has a slick user interface. It has features similar to Capcut.

For seasoned experts and video editing teams, it also contains amazing capabilities like green-screen effects, split-screen effects, and multi-screen editing.

You won’t ever have to be concerned about receiving a low-quality video as a result of utilising a free editor because it supports 4K video quality. Its high performance capabilities and simple interface make it the ideal choice for beginners and experts alike who want to generate professional-looking films.


However, iMovie might not be the best option if you’re searching for a video editor that can assist you with social media scaling, provides configurable pre-made themes, and enables you to add branding to films.

Pros of iMovie

  • Swift and user-friendly
  • 48 beautiful pre-programmed themes, drag-and-drop interface
  • Split-screen editing and several tracks are supported.
  • Apple device editing in 4K syncs.

Cons of iMovie

  • Occupies a large amount of storage space
  • Large files are processed and exported slowly after editing.
  • Doesn’t support sophisticated editing features
  • There are no settings or social media templates.

7. VivaVideo

The mobile video editing tool VivaVideo is ideal for novices who only need to do brief tweaks while on the road. The majority of the necessary tools to add transitions, music, filters, trim, divide, crop, rotate, speed up, and slow down a movie are all available in their editor’s user-friendly interface.

Their templates and stock collection make it simpler to create your film if you need assistance breaking through a creative barrier.

The free edition of VivaVideo is the ideal choice if all you need to do is perform basic modifications, like cutting a video, and you don’t mind that you can’t export in HD definition.

VivaVideo Capcut Alternative

However, upgrading to the pro edition of VivaVideo is recommended if you wish to export in a better resolution, remove the watermark, gain access to advanced features, and don’t mind editing on a small screen.

Pros of VivaVideo

  • A straightforward video editing programme is VivaVideo. It is the ideal choice if you wish to protect yourself against complex software.
  • With only one swipe, you can apply filters, stickers, and effects.
  • Beautiful themes are readily accessible to make eye-catching films for social media. Without any trouble, you can easily produce outstanding and compelling films using themes.
  • For text, VivaVideo provides a variety of fonts and styles. Your video’s text will look fantastic.
  • The timeline may contain numerous layers or tracks of music and film. As a result, you can edit your videos there just like a desktop program.
  • It is a complete video editing programme with all the tools required for simple video editing.

Cons of VivaVideo

  • Only quick movies may be edited with this application. It will lag significantly if you attempt to edit lengthy videos.
  • The time it takes to upload, apply effects, and do other tasks will increase.
  • This video editor does not support editing GIF files.
  • Only videos under five minutes may be edited in the free version, which has few capabilities.

8. PowerDirector

You can now receive the finest free video editing quality on your devices, whether you’re using them in portrait or landscape, thanks to the introduction of Portrait Editing Mode!

Utilize simple video editing tools like transitions, motion titles, effects, filters, and speed adjustments to make the most of your footage. With green screen editing, transport scenes to fantastical settings while using voice changer to express yourself creatively.

With PowerDirector, everyone may expand their creativity thanks to its vast selection of functions and material.


The finest video editing application for producing movies with green screen editing and a video stabiliser can turn your footage into unforgettable moments.

Create slow-motion films, slideshows, and even video collages by choosing from a wide range of effective video editing tools that are regularly updated.

Pros of PowerDirector

  • The built-in video preview is fantastic, and the numerous tracks are excellent.
  • Software is superior to other things in quality and price. The application is incredibly reliable and stable.
  • Interface that is easy to understand.
  • It is capable of editing 360-degree videos in the most sophisticated way.
  • Allows users to target a variety of platforms and audiences because it supports practically all audio and video formats.
  • Users can produce stunning content because to the abundance of preinstalled effects, filters, themes, and transitions.

Cons of PowerDirector

  • It’s quite annoying when there are too many ads urging consumers to upgrade.
  • Unexpected problems have been reported by several users. Sometimes it crashes, forcing you to restart editing.
  • Its user interface could seem intimidating.
  • Provides poor colour matching
  • Really pricey software.
  • The videos have a watermark at the very beginning.

9. WeVideo

Has over 30 million registered users, WeVideo is one of the most well-known cloud-based video editing solutions. Because of its ease of use, editing films on desktop and mobile devices is simple. The interface is very easy to use which is same like in Capcut.

WeVideo has advanced features including motion titles, screencasting, frame rate flexibility, green screen editing, and voiceover in addition to colour correcting technologies.


WeVideo is one of the best video editors available as an intuitive application with reasonably seamless navigation. After you’ve finished editing, you may either immediately export your work or upload it to video-sharing websites like Vimeo, YouTube, and Instagram.

Pros of WeVideo

  • Enables in-the-moment cooperation
  • Editor with drag and drop functionality for simple editing
  • Using multi-track editing, you may easily merge audio and video.
  • Large selection of music and movie templates
  • Quick rendering and error-free operation
  • Screencasting, storyboarding, motion titles, and cloud services are examples of cutting-edge features.

Cons of WeVideo

  • Difficult to navigate and takes some getting accustomed to
  • A pricey choice in comparison to other instruments
  • Doesn’t support scaling videos on various platforms.

10. EasyCut

EasyCut is a free HD video editing tool app like Capcut that enables you to make great films for a variety of platforms, including WhatsApp status updates, Instagram stories, and TikTok short videos.

You can edit, crop, cut, trim, blur, combine, and add music to videos with EasyCut. You can also add emoji, stickers, texts, effects, filters, transitions, and more.

Easycut allows you to save money and just enjoy video editing as a free video editor for TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, music vlogs, and video makers with transitions.

EasyCut Capcut Alternative
EasyCut Capcut Alternative

Cut and edit the video to the desired length. YouTube music video editor and Instagram story maker. Video in HD quality for export.

Pros of EasyCut

  • Easy, straightforward, and enjoyable editing.
  • Latest video filters and effects.
  • The user interface was uncomplicated and straightforward.

Cons of EasyCut

  • It has advertisements
  • App can glitch and crash at times

Video Editing CapCut Alternatives for Professional Uses

CapCut is generally used for basic and native uses such as social media, content creation, marketing etc. However, it is also powerful enough to be used for professional video editing.

There are numerous video editing applications available, ranging from beginner-friendly tools to professional-grade software. Here are some popular video editing applications in 2024:

Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Platform: Windows, macOS
  • Description: Professional-grade software with a comprehensive set of features. Widely used in the film and television industry.

Final Cut Pro X

  • Platform: macOS
  • Description: Apple’s professional video editing software, known for its powerful features and intuitive interface.

DaVinci Resolve

  • Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux
  • Description: A powerful and free-to-use video editing and color correction software. It is suitable for both beginners and professionals.


  • Platform: macOS, iOS
  • Description: Apple’s entry-level video editing software, suitable for beginners. It’s user-friendly and comes pre-installed on Apple devices.

HitFilm Express

  • Platform: Windows, macOS
  • Description: A free video editing and visual effects software with advanced features. It’s suitable for both beginners and semi-professionals.


  • Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux
  • Description: An open-source and free video editing software with a wide range of features.

Sony Vegas Pro

  • Platform: Windows
  • Description: Professional video editing software known for its user-friendly interface and robust feature set.


  • Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux
  • Description: A professional-grade video editing software with both free and paid versions.


  • Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux
  • Description: Originally a 3D modeling and animation software, Blender also includes a video sequence editor for basic video editing.

Closing Thoughts

One of the greatest and most complete video editing application available right now is called Capcut. The software contains everything you could possibly need to make your films stand out, and its aesthetic features are constantly expanding. Also CapCut for PC has also been launched which is a wonderful thing.

Despite the fact that you may download it on your Windows or Mac devices with the aid of an emulator, some people may still encounter difficulties doing so, which is why we have provided an article outlining the top Capcut alternatives.

There are several Capcut apk alternatives. The finest of the bunch are the ones we’ve already discussed. If you are having trouble downloading Capcut for Mac or PC, try one of these.

This concludes the list. If you know of any apps that are comparable to CapCut but that we haven’t listed here, please let us know in the comments box below and we’ll look into it. For further information till then, keep an eye on this space.

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