How to Apply for CapCut Creator and Get Paid for Templates?

capcut creator program

If you are interested in creating good templates and get paid for doing the same then CapCut Creator Program is worth a try. Here we explain how to apply and register for the CapCut Creator Program and provide tips on how to get selected.

Earn money by signing up as a CapCut creator and post wonderful video edits. Because of how simple it is to utilize the editing menu, this program is a go-to for TikTok developers.

You may become a licensed CapCut creator and begin editing videos to produce CapCut video templates. Start generating cash from the templates that CapCut customers use and export. By learning how to generate money on CapCut, you may begin your journey toward being a CapCut developer.

How to Get into CapCut Creator Program?

If you want to enroll for the CapCut Creator Program the steps are fairly straight forward. Just do the following:

  • Download CapCut application for Android or iPhone
  • Open the CapCut app and click on the Template option in the below panel
Template option
Template option
  • It will take you to the template page where you will see a banner on top saying “Be a CapCut Creator and get paid
Click on the banner
Click on the banner
  • Click on the banner and read the instructions carefully on the next page
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on “Apply Now
Apply now
Apply now
  • It will open a form regarding CapCut Creator Program which you will need to fill out
CapCut Creator Application
CapCut Creator Application
  • The fields sought typically include your name, email, age, residence, CapCut ID etc
Fill out the application
Fill out the application
  • You will also need to provide your WhatsApp number and Discord ID
  • You also need to submit a sample video edited using CapCut
Submit video edit timeline
Submit video edit timeline
  • This is to showcase your skills using CapCut and determine whether they want to accept you into the Creator program

Once you have successfully completed the above steps just click on Submit button. You will now have to wait for them to email you regarding the next steps. They will tell you how you can start posting templates on CapCut.

Watch the video tutorial below in order to understand better:

CapCut Creator Program Application process

Tips for getting selected for CapCut Creator Program

Since a lot of people are doing video edits these days, the competition for the Creator Program is intense. The application submitted by you will be reviewed by the CapCut team before they choose whether to admit you or not. Therefore it is imperative to create an appealing and captivating video edits in order to impress the CapCut team.

Follow these simple tips for having a better chance at being chosen for the CapCut Creator Program:

  • Be updated about the latest trends in video editing such as keyframes, overlays, slow motion, zoom effects etc.
  • Spend some time in creating edits in order to gain the required expertise
  • Get your video edits reviewed by peers and friends who have fair knowledge about video editing
  • You can get into Whatsapp, Discord, Telegram groups where they discuss about trending CapCut templates
  • Try to see what is trending and see if you can innovate something around those lines
  • Find out some copyright free template and music and try integrating your ideas on that
  • Look for ideas on sites such as YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram etc.

Frequently Asked Questions on CapCut Creator Program

We have summarized a few frequently asked questions about CapCut Creator Program. Quickly start creating content and get paid for posting templates on CapCut

What is CapCut and why to join its Creator Program?

You will be acquainted with CapCut if you enjoy editing videos. CapCut is a video editing program that offers its customers a number of useful functions. Your movie edits will seem more beautiful thanks to these tools.

Bytedance Pte. Ltd. created this app, which was released in July 2022. CapCut is downloaded by more than 500 million people. This is so because a lot of people use this program to modify videos before uploading them to Instagram or TikTok.

Especially now that a lot of people choose watching original content. It should come as no surprise that CapCut is a choice for editing movies to make them more fascinating with the capabilities offered.

Since a lot of users are using CapCut and downloading templates from the application, CapCut has launched this program. They want to promote the application to as many people as possible and wants to collaborate with creators to spread the app. Therefore this is an opportunity to showcase your video editing skills and start earning money from that.

Who can apply for CapCut Creator Program?

There is no program restrictions on the outset. However, being in US will make things a lot easier. Having said that you should still give it a try if you do not belong to US. Try to create as impressive video edit as possible and post your application. Then you will stand a chance at your selection.

What is the eligibility criteria as per the Program?

CapCut has laid down the following conditions in their program guidelines. However, feel free to apply even if you do not qualify on one of these:

  • Applicants must be over 18 years of age
  • Based in United States
  • Ideally the video edit length should be under 60 seconds
  • Take a screenshot of your video edit timeline while applying

What are the rewards and payments?

CapCut will pay you for the qualified templates produced by you which gets accepted into their program. Therefore try to create as many templates as possible and trending video edits in order to get paid more.

Also, weekly bonus shall be paid out to the creators of top-performing templates. You can even $1,000+ from this program if you can create captivating templates. On various occasions CapCut do announce extra reward programs.

What to do if you do not have access to CapCut creator program?

Due to large number of applicants, CapCut seems to have limited the number of entries. In lot of cases only people who receive an official invitation from CapCut can become template creators and post templates. However, in order to increase your chances of being selected you may try the following two options: 

  • Take part in one of CapCut periodic recruitment campaigns. Keep your eye out for campaign notices in the app, and when you see one, tap it to find out more and apply. 
  • CapCut sometimes invites users to become template creators based on factors such as the number of videos they export, the number of days they’re active on the app, and follower count. Increase all of the above and you will improve your chances of being invited to become a creator. 

Closing Thoughts

Login to Capcut with your Facebook or Tiktok account. Next, choose the template menu. Click on the banner on the top and click on Apply. Fill up the relevant information, such as your full name, an active WhatsApp number, and links to your own original video material, on the Capcut content creator registration form.

You must first wait a few days after submitting the registration form to become a CapCut content producer. Use your own video edits to increase your acceptance as a CapCut creator.

It is advised that you have several templates ready to post in CapCut before signing up as a creator so that you may do so immediately after being approved as a creator in CapCut.

You may register creator CapCut in this manner. You may post your own templates and make money from those used by other people.

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  1. Earn money by signing up as a CapCut creator and post wonderful video edits. Because of how simple it is to utilize the editing menu, this program is a go-to for TikTok developers.

  2. I applied for capcut creator about a month ago they still haven’t got back to me (no hate to capcut btw just saying)

  3. Hammadqureshi

    I applied for capcut creator program about a month ago
    They still haven’t got back to me (no hate to capcut btw just saying)

  4. I have applied for creator program from external link so can I be capcut creator? Bcoz on capcut app haven’t shown apply for creator program yet!

    1. I am CapCut video editor since it came out, I am very hopeful that I can apply as it is something I would love to do, I would like to communicate

  5. The first, I want to say Cap cut app is the edit app that so very easy to use. I really like it and I want to be a creator to make my own template for people using.

  6. sir The first, I want to say Cap cut app is the edit app that so very easy to use. I really like it and I want to be a creator to make my own template for people using.

  7. capcut Amely9176, discord amely1705

    Hello, I am already a kapkut creator. Please tell me , how can I get into Discord Server in Germany, thank you.

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