How to do CapCut Old Age Effect Filter for TikTok?


Are you interested in your future appearance when you are elderly and old? You may now now see how you age all in an instant. This is thanks to the most recent TikTok trend and a sprinkle of AI-generated magic.

What’s best? You’ll really feel better about aging as a result of the outcomes.

Despite the fact that vintage picture editing software isn’t anything new, this cool look is. Like great wine, you mature with this influence.

What is the old age effect that is trending on TikTok?

The Old Age effect is a new trend that has started on TikTok where they upload a video of themselves on how they would look when they are old.

The newest trend on TikTok has everything to do with age. TikTok is always coming up with new methods to keep us interested and captivated by basic technological or scientific concepts.

Snapshot of old age effect filter
Snapshot of old age effect filter

If you’ve been using the app recently, you may have noticed an age filter that, to put it frankly, ages you.

The effects are frighteningly accurate and the filter can age anyone on any image to represent what that person may look like in a few decades.

How to apply the “Old Age” Effect using CapCut app?

It’s hardly surprising that this viral success has drawn in millions of viewers, including influential people and famous people. But how can you participate in this popular CapCut TikTok Old Age Filter? Don’t worry; we describe the steps in detail for you.

This tutorial will walk you through the process of using Capcut’s old age filter on TikTok. Our straightforward instructions will have you seeming like a sage elder in no time, even if you are not tech-savvy.

Follow along to discover how to make an entertaining and interesting filter, whether you want to follow the newest fashion or just want to wow your friends. Prepare to view yourself in a completely different way!

Step 1: Download your Old Image Filter from FaceApp

  • Once you’ve done that, you must navigate through the various options until you reach “age” and select “cool old” from the list of choices.
Age option
Age option
Cool Old Feature
Cool Old Feature
  • Then upload a photo of yourself to FaceApp to see how quickly or slowly you’re going to age.
  • Apply the effect to the FaceApp photo you just submitted, then save the finished product since you need to explore a few TikTok settings to finish the trend.
Saving the effect
Saving the effect

Step 2: Download the CapCut Template for TikTok Filter Effect

  • The CapCut template on TikTok should then be used to actualize your alteration. Open the TikTok app and go to the CapCut template to get started.

Everyone thinks @themichaeljustin has the age filter on in everything else we post anyway 😂 #CapCut #agegapcouple #oldfilter

♬ Young Forever – JAY-Z
An example of TikTok Old Age Effect Template

Old doesn’t meen boring 🎉 we’re gonna be fun & gorgeous 💅💄👒 #capcut #capcuttemplate

♬ Forever Young – Alphaville
Illustration of Capcut Cool Old Effect

one day we’ll have been young🩵 CapCut age agefilterchallenge young trending foryou fyp @_.__jaxson__._

♬ Young – Kenny Chesney
  • You may use the TikTok video up above as an illustration. To locate the template quickly, go to the video’s CapCut template. However, you can use the template provided below as an example.
Using the Capcut template
Using the Capcut template
  • Once there, you must upload both your “Cool Old” image and the actual photograph of the person you are now or were when you were younger.
  • Your followers will be astounded by your change as a result of the flawless transition this template makes between your young self and your elderly self.

Step 3: Add Music, Captions and Special Effects

You are free to create anything once the template has been added. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination; you may improve your video by adding music, subtitles, and even special effects.

Who knows how far your video may travel now that you have the opportunity to share it with the world?

You now know how to view and start your own TikTok Old Age Filter trend in 3 easy steps. You may either share it with the TikTok community or only your close relatives and friends. Well, they may also join you in the trend of viral filters!

Watch this video tutorial below for better understanding:

How to do the old face filter trend on tiktok | old face filter tiktok | capcut old filter

How to make “Old Filter” Capcut Template Tiktok! 1. Use FaceApp and use “cool old” 2. Go back and find one of these trends and click “use template” 3. Place your old image first and young image second. #oldfilter #capcut #capcut_edit #capcuttemplate #howtocapcut #oldcouple #oldedit #greenscreen

♬ original sound – Hanna • Social Media Manager
How to make TikTok edit for Old Age effect

Capcut Old Age Effect Template Download Links

You need to use the below “Transition” template in the CapCut application. Just click on the Download link provided below the template. It will take you to the Capcut app where you can add the photos downloaded from FaceApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are few questions being asked by users about Old Age Effect on TikTok

What is FaceApp and is it Free?

FaceApp is a photo editing application available for both Android and iOS. It uses neural networks and artificial intelligence in order to transform human faces.

It has a lot of different entertaining filters available. You may even switch genders and modify the color of your hair and apply cosmetics. You have a wide range of options at your disposal, so use your creativity to try out various appearances.

FaceApp is available for download from the Google Play Store and the App Store. Just so you know, using the app’s premium features might be necessary. Enjoy using the “Cool Old” filter, which is still free to use. However, for removal of watermark on the output you might need premium options.

What are other users saying about this cool new trend?

The most recent fashion about the cool old age effect has taken everyone by surprise.

“I don’t know how long we’re here, but we make such a cute old couple,” one person added.

Use Template
Use Template

“Wow, what a fantastic filter! I feel like my buddy and I look like two drunken aunts traveling to Spain. I adore it,” said another.

“These make me so happy to see and want to cry,” a third individual remarked.

Why use TikTok for making this effect viral?

TikTok is a hugely popular video sharing and social network.

People make and share videos with their friends. They showcase their ability in a variety of mediums, including dancing, singing, and craft videos.


Lipsync videos are popular on TikTok, where millions of users spend their time creating them. This program becomes the most well-known entertainment platform. Here, we see users using the app’s filters and finding them all to be fantastic and pleasant.


As people have been experimenting with the AI-generated effect to produce CapCut TikTok films so they may see what they will look like when they are a few decades older. The most recent viral “old age” video on TikTok has been nicknamed the “cool old” filter.

In a matter of seconds, this new technology’s magic transforms your face into the older version of yourself.

  • Launch FaceApp application. Download it using the links provided earlier.
  • Scroll through the features and find the option called “Age”.
  • Several settings may be found underneath it. Choose the “cool old” function to mimic the viral trend that ages you.
  • Apply the effect on the FaceApp photo you just submitted, then save it.
  • When your final FaceApp image is complete, return to TikTok and locate a TikTok that uses the trend’s CapCup template.
  • Now place your older image in front of your younger image when you click “use template.”

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