How to Add Music to CapCut? – Detailed Guide 2024

How to add music in Capcut

Are you trying to add your own music to Capcut? Adding songs and music to your videos greatly enhances your content. In this tutorial we talk in detail about how to add your own music into Capcut.

Although it is frequently disregarded, music is one of a video’s most important elements. CapCut, an all-in-one video editing application, allows you to include music. There is also a lot of music available that is copyright-free. But how does CapCut add music? This guide will show you how to add music to CapCut on iPhones and Android devices using several techniques.

Why should you add music to your videos?

Every video needs music to be effective. It creates an atmosphere, stirs up powerful feelings in the viewers, and helps the film stick in their minds. Learn how to add music to CapCut edit if you want to produce powerful videos that will help you expand your YouTube audience.

The foundation of any audiovisual work is music. All memorable films we watch draw on the power of music, whether they are high-budget Hollywood blockbusters or YouTube videos made by content producers. All high quality productions and outstanding YouTube channel ideas involve music in a variety of ways, from background music to introductory music.

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The rivalry on these platforms is growing as a result of the revenue options that YouTube, Twitch, and many other social networking sites provide to content providers. As a result, increasing views and subscriptions is becoming increasingly difficult. You must utilize every weapon in your arsenal to outperform your rivals if you want to ensure that your channel shines out and that your videos are viewed by millions of people.

How to Add Music on Capcut?

You may download and use many different tunes for free as backgrounds from the CapCut app. It won’t be a problem if you submit videos to YouTube because the majority of CapCut’s music is really copyright-free.

CapCut software not only has its own music but also lets users upload music from their smartphone. In reality, the CapCut software also has a voiceover tool and a voice extraction feature from the video. Download CapCut here for Android, iOS and PC.

Step 1: Create a “New Project” in the CapCut app by opening it on your smartphone.

Launch the new project
Launch the new project

Step 2: Add a photo or video that you’ll later animate with music.

Pick the video
Pick the video

Step 3: From the screen’s bottom, access the Audio menu. Select the Sounds option, then click.

Select audio button
Select audio button

Step 4: In the CapCut app, choose a music genre that is already there. Rock, Travel, Vlog, Fresh, Healing, or Warm are the available options.

Adding sound from device
Adding sound from device

Step 5: Tap the download link next to the CapCut song you wish to use after choosing it. A plus (+) button will appear in place of the download button after the song has finished downloading.

Choosing from the audio files
Choosing from the audio files

Step 6: To add music as a video sound, press that button.

Music added to the timeline
Music added to the timeline
Splitting the audio
Splitting the audio
Using the Fade Option
Using the Fade Option
Fade in Fade out on Capcut music
Fade in Fade out on Capcut music

Watch this video tutorial to understand the same:

Adding own music to Capcut videos

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Steps to Add Music to Capcut on Android

Let us see how to use the free music CapCut offers as the video’s backdrop on an Android device. Do the following to achieve that:

  • On your phone, select “Create a new project” from the CapCut app.
Create a new Project
Create a new Project
  • Include a video or image with music to go with it.
click audio button on bottom of screen
Click audio button on bottom of screen
  • The “Audio” tab may be found by scrolling down.
  • Choose “Sounds.”
  • Pick an established musical style.
  • Tap the download icon after picking out the music on CapCut Music.
  • A plus (+) button will appear in place of the download sign after the song has finished downloading.
  • To make the piece the video’s background sound, tap on this button.

Additionally, you may upload music from your smartphone and use it in your film. How to do it is as follows:

  • Make sure the photo or video from your phone that will be shown along with the music has been added.
  • Select the “Sounds” option under the “Audio” menu.
  • To find music, select “From device” from the “Your Sounds” menu item.
  • Select the chosen music from the device, then click the “+” button to upload it to CapCut.

Additionally, you may take audio out of videos to use later. Following are the steps:

  • Locate the “Audio” menu item at the bottom.
  • Choose “Extracted” from the menu.
Importing extracted audio file
Importing extracted audio file
  • Choose the movie from which you wish to extract the sound by finding it.
  • From the drop-down box, select “Import sound only.”
Audio clip added to the timeline
Audio clip added to the timeline

Finally, by following these procedures, you may add voiceovers to your video:

  • Go to the “Audio” menu selection.
  • Choose “Voiceover” from the menu.
  • To start voice recording, tap and hold the recorder key. Click “Allow” on the pop-up to immediately start the voiceover.
  • Continuing to hold the record button, start speaking. Press the play button one again when you’re done speaking.
Adding effects on to the music
Adding effects on to the music
Exporting the file
Exporting the file

Steps to Add Music to Capcut on iOS

Using an iPhone, there are four straightforward ways to add music to CapCut.

First, we’ll go through how to use CapCut’s free music as the background of your film.

  • On your phone, open the CapCut app and select “Create a new project.”
Capcut iOS adding music
Capcut iOS adding music
  • Include a picture or video that will have music to accompany it.
  • Pick “Audio” from the menu.
  • Select “Sounds.”
Select Sound
Select Sound
  • Pick an established musical style.
Selecting music theme
Selecting music theme
  • Tap the download icon next to the song you want to use from CapCut Music.
  • The plus (+) button will appear when the music has finished downloading, replacing the download icon.
  • To make the music the video’s background sound, use this option.

You may incorporate music from your device into your video by uploading it. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Make sure the image or video that will be shown along with the tunes from your gallery is included.
  • Select “Sounds” from the “Audio” menu after opening it.
  • CapCut’s “Your Sounds” menu area is where you may search for music by choosing “From device.”
  • To upload the prepared music to CapCut, choose it from the device and click the “+” button next to it.

Additionally, you may take audio out of videos to utilize them later. The actions to achieve this are:

  • At the bottom, select “Audio” from the menu.
  • Select “Extracted” from the menu.
Choose extracted or from device
Choose extracted or from device
  • Choose the video out of which you wish to recover the sound by finding it.
  • Choose “Import sound only” from the menu.
Importing audio to Capcut
Importing audio to Capcut

You may add voiceovers to your video as a last step. The following steps make it rather simple:

  • Activate the “Audio” menu.
  • Select “Voiceover” from the menu.
  • Tap the recorder key while holding it down to start recording your voice. To allow voiceover right away, click “Allow” in the pop-up window.
  • Holding down the record button, start speaking. Press the record button one again when you are through speaking.
Music added to Capcut
Music added to Capcut

How to add Audio or Music to Capcut PC?

Capcut has been introduced on PC and desktop which you can use to create wonderful videos. Just follow these simple steps to use Capcut music on a PC:

  • Open Capcut PC and click on “New Project” and import the video on to the timeline
Creating project on Capcut PC
Creating project on Capcut PC
  • Click on “Media” option from the top left corner. Here press Local button.
Importing Media on Capcut PC
Importing Media on Capcut PC
  • Alternatively you can use the music from one existing in the Library
Importing the video on the PC
Importing the video on the PC
Importing audio on Capcut PC
Importing audio on Capcut PC
  • Select the media file on your disk and click on “Import
  • Drop the music file on to the timeline or just click the “+” button
Dragging and dropping the audio file on the timeline
Dragging and dropping the audio file on the timeline
  • Now you can start editing the music file just the way you usually do on the mobile apps.
Modifying the volume
Modifying the volume
Editing the video along with audio on the timeline
Editing the video along with audio on the timeline
Exporting the video
Exporting the video

Watch this video below to understand the walkthrough:

How to Add Audio from your Music Library – Tutorial

How to edit Music on Capcut?

Following are the steps for editing music on CapCut:

  1. Decide which music will be altered.
  2. Select the Speed tab by right-clicking the video clip.
  3. Click the three horizontal lines next to the “Curve choice” and the “Custom” option.
  4. You must tap it one more in order to change the sound. By selecting the “Add Beat” button in the top-right corner, you can add a beat at any moment. The chosen video clip’s beat can also be slowed down.

Each clip that is added to your timeline may have its volume level separately changed in CapCut. This is how you do it:

  1. Tap the appropriate clip on your timeline and select it.
  2. Tap the bottom of the screen’s “Volume” button.
  3. Adjust the volume with the slider to the proper setting.
  4. When you’re done, click the “Check Mark” in the bottom right corner to save your changes.

You should now tweak the clip’s volume to your preferred level.

What is Capcut App?

Bytedance, the company that created TikTok, has created a video editing tool called CapCut. CapCut is available in the AppStore and Google Play Store.

With CapCut, you can chop, reframe, merge, and divide films as well as add music and numerous effects. Additionally, it has a sizable royalty-free music library where you may choose songs without copyrights to include in your film.

What is the need to Add Songs on CapCut?

Knowing when and how to add sound effects or background music to your video may be a subtle but effective way to enhance the viewer’s experience. Aside from the obvious cases where it is essential to the video, music is typically introduced to assist establish the mood and emotionally engage the viewer with your material.

For instance, adding mystical and ominous background music might heighten expectation and even excitement when you’re trying to create suspense, subtly pushing the audience to stay watching the movie.

In order to fill in silence, smooth over transitions between scenes, or draw attention to a certain aspect, music may also act as a bridge. Your video may come to life right away with something as easy as the “ping” of a communication or the sound of tyres squealing.

You may utilise music and sound effects in a variety of applications thanks to CapCut, a free online video editor with a sizable audio file library.

Important tips about adding music

While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all method for including music in your videos, keeping the following hints in mind can help you maximize their effect and increase viewer engagement: Make sure the music fits the video, and while you may modify the level, avoid using sound effects excessively.

How to edit Songs using Capcut?

You may import your own song or pick a song from CapCut’s audio library, which contains royalty-free music tracks, if you wish to add music to your CapCut film.

To access your own music collection and import an audio track, choose the music icon and touch “My Music.” Use the music icon on the UI to access the CapCut audio collection if you wish to use any tunes.

How to add songs from Spotify to CapCut?

It takes some work to add tracks from Spotify to CapCut. The procedures listed below should help you use Spotify music in your CapCut edits:

  1. Search Spotify for the music you wish to utilise.
  2. Use a Spotify music converter like NoteBurner to download music from the service.
  3. The Spotify song’s link should be copied.
  4. Download the audio file to your device by pasting the URL into the Spotify song downloading feature.
  5. Activate the CapCut project.
  6. To see your files, select the “My Music” tab and tap the music icon. The Spotify audio file you want to utilize may be found and added.

Advantages of Capcut when it comes to adding music

Including music in your videos not only ups the production quality and keeps viewers interested and viewing for more, but it also sets the mood and may aid in communicating the information you want to get over.

With CapCut’s intuitive and simple-to-use music editing feature, you can quickly add soundtrack to your short clips and bring your expertly cut marketing or promo vid to the next level of success! With CapCut, you can easily add music to your video, whether you want to include a song that will make you want to dance or some soothing sound track to fill in the moments of silence in your film.

Following are some of the major advantages of using Capcut in adding music:

Wide Array of royalty free music library

You may add music tracks, audio files, and sound files to your video clips using CapCut’s wide library. Capcut provides a variety of sound effects in addition to well-known tunes and fashionable TikTok music to give your film further sensory depth and to accentuate particular moments.

This includes sounds like laughing, background noise, the surroundings, and many more. CapCut offers all the audio upgrades you may possibly need for your film. The sound files are divided into categories like “Travel,” “Love,” “Vlog,” “Rock,” etc. to make it simple for you to choose and include the appropriate music in your films.

Ability to add music files for free

CapCut is committed to delivering a fully free, online editing tool in order to make professional video editing available to everyone, anywhere. Users get free access to all of CapCut’s sophisticated editing features, including the ability to add music to videos.

CapCut provides a vast selection of royalty-free audio tracks in addition to unique copyright songs that you may use in your films.

Speed and Agility when it comes to Editing

Anyone may learn how to use CapCut to incorporate songs or background music into their films, giving the impression that they were made by a pro. The platform’s simple and incredibly user-friendly design has made adding music to films a cinch.

Anyone can readily grasp the function, even those who have no prior expertise in editing. A considerable degree of freedom is also available to CapCut users when it comes to including and incorporating music into their videos.

You may layer several audio files together in your timeline as well as incorporate the extracted audio from your source movie in addition to trimming and adjusting the loudness of individual audio clips.

Tips to enhance the videos using music and songs

Music plays a crucial role in video editing, contributing significantly to the overall impact and emotional connect of the final video output. Here are some key reasons highlighting the importance of music in video editing:

Setting the Mood

Music helps establish the mood and tone of a video. The right music can evoke emotions such as joy, excitement, tension, sadness, or nostalgia, influencing how the audience perceives and engages with the content.

Enhancing Storytelling

Music acts as a storytelling tool, enhancing the narrative and reinforcing key themes. It can emphasize dramatic moments, highlight transitions, and create a cohesive flow throughout the video.

Creating Atmosphere

Music contributes to the overall atmosphere of the video. Whether it’s a lighthearted comedy, a suspenseful thriller, or a heartwarming documentary, the choice of music helps to immerse viewers in the intended atmosphere.

Guiding Pacing and Rhythm

The tempo and rhythm of the music can influence the pacing of the video. Well-chosen music can help maintain a dynamic flow, keeping the audience engaged and preventing the video from feeling monotonous.

Highlighting Key Moments

Music can be used to underscore important moments, adding emphasis and drawing attention to specific scenes or actions. It helps guide the viewer’s focus and enhances the impact of key visual elements.

Building Brand Identity

Consistent use of specific music styles or themes can contribute to the development of a brand’s identity. Viewers may associate certain sounds or musical motifs with a particular brand, creating a recognizable and memorable experience.

Elevating Production Value

Thoughtful music selection can elevate the perceived production value of a video. It adds a layer of professionalism and polish, making the content more enjoyable and engaging for the audience.

Covering Ambient Noise

In video production, there may be unwanted ambient noise or gaps in audio. Music helps fill these spaces, providing a continuous audio experience and masking any distracting sounds

Audience Connection

Music has the power to connect with viewers on an emotional level. A well-matched soundtrack can create a deeper connection between the audience and the content, making it more memorable and resonant.

Closing Thoughts

In this page we have covered extensively on how to add music and edit using Capcut video editor. We have seen how we can import music on Android, iOS and PC. Also we can do other tasks such as extract songs, voiceover effect, using own music from your device etc. Capcut has an extensive library of royalty free stock music to use from.

If you liked this tutorial then please share it among your friends and family to spread the word. Please drop a comment below to let the other users know what your tricks are to add music.

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