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Capcut is a free online video editor used by millions for enhancing their videos. You may improve your videos with filters and overlays using the free video editing tool produced by Bytedance. You might, for instance, flip the video or add additional stickers.

You may store the software in any format supported by most video players, and it is simple to use. Create and edit videos for free using CapCut online video editor. Easy to create stunning video with no editing experience. You will appreciate having all the tools at your disposal to help your work differentiate itself from the competition.

What is Capcut Online Website for editing videos?

The CapCut video editor was once solely accessible for amateurs to produce and edit videos on Android and iOS smartphones. Because of its extensive, potent, and user-friendly editing features, it is one of the most well-known video editing application for users of TikTok and Instagram.

Capcut has been launched online for the web. Here we describe its features and guide you as to how to access Capcut online.

You may use CapCut directly on your web browser in addition to the desktop version. Simply visit the CapCut website ( and select the “Open CapCut in Browser” option.

Next, you have the option to create Facebook videos, LinkedIn advertisements, Instagram stories, TikTok videos, TikTok ads, YouTube advertising, and Instagram posts. You may also select to start from scratch.

CapCut PC Vs Online Editing Options

Before, there wasn’t an official CapCut PC version, thus users had to download an emulator in order to utilize this video editor on a PC.

In August 2022, CapCut finally released the official PC version. You can now download CapCut for Mac and Windows systems.

The majority of editing tools in CapCut, including effects, animations, filters, emoticons, text templates, and more, are shared between the desktop and online versions. Still, certain variances exist. They have an unique interface design, to start.

In terms of editing tools, the CapCut online edition incorporates GIPHY to offer GIFs and stickers in addition to a collection of stock movies. The desktop version of CapCut for Windows also includes motion tracking and video stabilization.

The PC version and online video editor are less capable than the CapCut app for Android and iOS, but they are still more than capable of producing spectacular videos.

Step by Step guide to access Capcut Online in the Browser

Now it is simple to use Capcut on the browser itself without the need to download any software either on your phone or PC. Most of all the features which are available on the normal Capcut is also available online. Just follow these simple steps to know to access Capcut Online for free:

Step 1: Open one of the browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari etc. Then go to Alternatively you may search in Google for the term “Capcut Online” and click on the link from there.

Capcut website
Capcut website

Step 2: Once the page loads, you will find two options “Open CapCut in your Browser” and “Download for Windows”. You may select the option best suits your requirement. Sometimes you might see the option such as “Edit Online

Capcut Edit Online for Free
Capcut Edit Online for Free

Step 3: If the website is blocked in your country then you cannot access it. In such a case use need to use a proxy service or VPN.

Capcut online loading
Capcut online loading

Step 4: Capcut shall load on the webpage itself. Accept the cookies and click on “Login” at the top right corner. Follow the steps here to know how to login on Capcut.

Capcut online login
Capcut online login

Step 5: Click on Upload button on the left of the screen and add your video. Once the upload is completed you can start editing your videos just like how you do on the app.

Upload option on Capcut Online
Upload option on Capcut Online

Step 6: The video you have uploaded will appear on the center of the screen. Use various options which is on the left side of the screen such as media, stock videos, audio, text, stickers, effects, transitions, filters etc.

Capcut online options
Capcut online options

Step 7: Once you have applied the necessary effects, just click on export option from the top right part of the screen.

Exporting the video
Exporting the video

Watch the tutorial from the below video in order to understand Capcut online in a simple manner:

What are the main functions of Capcut Online?

Capcut online comes with lot of powerful features which makes it unique. A lot of content creators on YouTube and social media such as TikTok prefer mainly because of its vast free music library and versatile functions. Below we describe the main features of Capcut online:

Split Videos and Control its Speed

With CapCut, you’ll have three tools that give it a competitive advantage as a video editor. You may simply alter the speed at which the information plays, much as on TikTok. You may decide where to use the Split Function to stop the movie at a certain frame. The Reverse Function allows you to play the clip reversed.

Ability to insert Stickers and produce various effects

Stickers may be placed at key moments in your film to draw attention to them or promote your business if it’s a little boring. Additionally, you have the option of adding text and using various filters and special effect options.

Adding Unlimited Royalty Free Music into the videos

Videos without a background score might be uninteresting. You may choose from a wide variety of free rhythms and tunes to liven it up if you want to make it more lively. The atmosphere and tone for your audience will be improved. CapCut is a beautiful iOS video editing tool that will improve your material beyond simple presentations.

When you have the option to add music, special effects, and stickers, you don’t have to be content with boring movies. You may watch them in slow motion or reverse for more enjoyment.

What to do if Capcut is not working?

Your mobile device’s CapCut video editing app can cease functioning due to problems with your internet connection, a cache storage limit that has been reached, a system flaw, crashing problems, outdated versions, etc. Using a CapCut replacement app is a practical solution to fix the CapCut not functioning issue; you can get the finest CapCut alternatives with ease from the below section.

Top Alternatives to CapCut Online

TikTok, uses the all-in-one video editing application CapCut as its default video editing tool. TikTok receives billions of visitors every single day. Since CapCut is a free video editing tool for iPhones and Android phones, it can essentially accommodate the demands of every creative. What more, Capcut has now been launched for online use as you just saw above.

In case if you are finding it difficult to use Capcut on the browser or wanted more features or functions then we have presented the below online alternatives to Capcut:

ClipChamp – Free Online Video Editor

No prior knowledge is necessary because the Clipchamp video editor has all the capabilities needed to make fantastic videos. Videos of all sizes may be edited right in the browser.

You may quickly modify your movie and include transitions, music, text, and special effects. Additionally, you can safely record your camera and screen while taking use of cutting-edge capabilities like AI voiceovers, green screen editing, and overlays.

There are several clever tools and short cuts in Clipchamp that may help you make scroll-stopping films while saving time.

The editing tools in Clipchamp have both fundamental and expert components, and the user interface is tidy. Similar to Capcut, the quality of online video editors might depend on the length of your video clips and the speed of your internet connection, but they generally function well.

Even if you haven’t had any formal training in video editing, Clipchamp makes it simpler to communicate your stories through video.


  • Enough stock video to use in additional editing
  • Fluid editing process


  • Editing many video segments takes too long.
  • Most stock content requires a paid membership.

Adobe Express

Previously known as Adobe Spark, Adobe Creative Cloud Express is a free, integrated task-based online video editing service. Video editing newbies may edit videos in an engaging fashion with only a few drags and drops using its online and mobile apps. Additionally, even non-technical people may create beautiful films, exactly like on CapCut, using the prepared editing templates and themes.

With tens of thousands of lovely templates, as well as resources for social media material, logos, and other things, Adobe Express makes it simple to get started. Whole library of Adobe Fonts and the entire collection of royalty-free photos from Adobe Stock at your disposal, you may feel like you have a dependable designer on your side.

With simple tools that enable you remove backdrops, animate text, add your brand, and so much more, you can create whatever you need in one location. You can quickly apply Adobe Photoshop-caliber effects and resize material for every social media platform with just a few touches.


  • Beautiful visuals that are already there and are simple to customize with your own thoughts
  • The UI is very appealing, and it’s very simple to use.


  • Limited secondary text highlight
  • Not the easiest web video editing UI to use


With the help of the online video editing tool Kapwing, you may edit videos on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. in a web browser. Although Kapwing has a premium plan, they provide a substantial amount of video editing capabilities for free, and the exported films are watermark-free.

When working with bigger video files, it occasionally experiences sluggish difficulties or incorrect errors, but overall, its performance is satisfactory.


  • Several video formats are supported
  • Exports videos without sacrificing quality


  • Time-limited export without watermarks
  • Connection problems despite having a decent network

Closing Thoughts

CapCut Online is a completely free video editor and maker tool that has everything you need to produce beautiful, top-notch films. Beginners may quickly get up and running with CapCut Online while experienced users can take use of all the features required for video editing. Utilize the unique video editor and movie creator features to showcase your uniqueness. Once your music video is complete, you can easily publish it on social media to get likes, comments, and views from everyone.

You can communicate any feature requests or developments needed for this application. Just write an email to this address: [email protected]. Alternatively if you have any suggestions for us feel free to write to us using the Contact Us page.

Share your feedback in the comments section below and spread the message about Capcut online to your friends and family using the share buttons below.

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