Popular App CapCut is Trending among TikTok users worldwide


There’s a possibility that you’ve seen a video clip that CapCut modified when browsing TikTok or Instagram. It’s a budding editor app from ByteDance. Therefore TikTok isn’t the only popular app developed by the parent firm, which is situated in China. Capcut has over 200 million active users every month, CapCut is ascending the U.S. app store ranks, demonstrating its popularity.

As video content is added to platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, more people are striving to create their own clips, films. Here, applications like CapCut are filling the need. Users of CapCut may liven up their videos with a number of user-friendly editing choices, such as distinctive subtitles and effects.

Why has Capcut made so much progress Recently?

The Chinese software TikTok has long been in the news because to its enormous popularity in US communities. Nevertheless, a different app created by the owning firm, ByteDance Ltd, is currently gaining popularity and is emerging as a participant in the US market for video editing tools.

The new video editing software is growing in popularity for very different reasons than TikTok, which has long been dogged by suspicions of espionage and is banned in numerous nations due to security concerns.

Capcut popularity
Capcut popularity

With the use of the software CapCut, users may edit their films to make them look much more polished. The video processing tool has a number of editing features. With the assistance of the app, one may use different templates, utilize a wide range of available filters, add visual effects, and add background music to their clips.

Reasons for popularity of Capcut among video editors

Beyond the fundamental editing features of the TikTok app, CapCut provides a bonus benefit for content producers looking to get attention for their videos: a broad range of possibilities open to the general audience.

There are video editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X, but if you’ve ever used these professional editing application, you’ll know that they are in fact intended for pros. You must utilise a PC or Mac and spend a significant amount of time learning how to edit before you can conduct any type of editing. Yet CapCut provides a compromise between TikTok’s simple editing capabilities and the vast array of functionality of a professional editing app.

Screen showing Editing using Capcut
Screen showing Editing using Capcut

Fans of short videos have a very versatile video editing tool in their hands, capable of creating very colorful videos without needing to devote much time to figuring out how it works. One such feature is Auto Velocity, which enables us to instantly modify the speed of the clips so that they are synchronised with the music of our choice.

And if you’re not too familiar with how to use them, don’t worry; there are plenty of video guides on YouTube that will walk you through the process of using the app to edit videos. Try it out and start posting high-quality videos to TikTok if you haven’t already.

Privacy and Security Matters – Safety Issues

According to CapCut’s privacy statement, the video editing tool also gathers user location, gender, and date of birth. It also collects photographs and videos. These are a few of the elements that video editing software frequently employs. Nevertheless, is it secure?

Timeline editing using Capcut
Timeline editing using Capcut

With other well-known applications like TikTok and the online clothing retailer Shein, the application topped the US app stores‘ download statistics last year.
The app didn’t have any fees up until last year, but it began charging customers for cloud services and several of its premium features. Also, the business is hiring individuals to create template designs. In India, CapCut and a number of other Chinese applications are prohibited.

According to Sensor Tower, CapCut’s worldwide downloads increased by 43% to over 400 million last year. The United States accounted for just 7% of all downloads since last year globally.

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