Listen To Me Now CapCut Template – Download and Apply

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A new trending viral CapCut template has come which is called as “Listen To Me Now“. Here you will find how to get this template for free and apply it using CapCut application. Later you may also make modifications such as text, music, effects etc.

The Listen To Me Now CapCut template is the ideal template to publish if you want to convey an attitude statement on your Instagram page. This design has a rhythm drop with several effects to help you create a stunning video.

Use Template in CapCut
Use Template in CapCut

We are going to show you a variety of Listen To Me Now CapCut templates in this post, each with a unique impact. You can quickly download any of them with the help of a single click and use it boost your Instagram or TikTok status.

Make a careful choice after previewing each of the Listen To Me Now capcut templates below. Once you’ve chosen one you like, use the template by clicking the CapCut button that says “Use Template.”

How to Download Listen To Me Now CapCut Template?

Today’s template comes from the Attitude category. Listen to Me Now is the name of this fantastic CapCut Template. You must have been watching the videos that were extensively shared on social media and are presumably already familiar with the template for this category. Below we show you some of the fantastic templates belonging to this category.

You may use the “Listen To Me Now” CapCut Template found here with the CapCut app. Therefore, simply preview the provided template to increase your social media exposure.

Listen To Me Now CapCut Template 1

This is the original Listen To Me Now template from EdrianC. It has more than 1 million downloads.

Listen To Me Now CapCut Template 2

This is called as Trend phan than. Created by user called Ha Nguyen. It has more than 3 million downloads.

Listen To Me Now CapCut Template 3

This template is known as Trend Bong Mau. Created by user called Nguyen Duy.

Listen To Me Now CapCut Template 4

This is the Listen to me now template created by Oscar.

Listen To Me Now CapCut Template 5

This template is called 1 video jadi keren. Created by user Storeels.

How to apply the Listen To Me Now Template using CapCut?

Once you have carefully chosen which template you would like to use from the options provided above, you simply need to do the following in order to apply the template:

  • First download CapCut application for Android or iOS. There is also PC option available if you like to explore.
  • Next make sure CapCut is accessible by opening the app. If not make use of a good VPN application to access the same.
  • Now click on one the Download Listen To Me Now Template button from the above options
  • It will directly take you to the CapCut application from where you can preview the template once
  • Beneath you will find an option called “Use this Template” just click on it
Use template
Use template
  • Here you will need to add 2 to 3 photos of yours that is all
Add photos
Add photos
  • The CapCut application magically transforms your photos into a beautiful template
  • Once done you can preview the video created and click on Export option to start sharing.
Preview and export
Preview and export

Read about How to Find and Use New Trend Templates using CapCut? if you are interested in exploring more about CapCut templates. If you would like to create your own template and become a CapCut creator then read this guide of ours.

Watch this below video tutorial to understand the above steps better:

Listen To Me Now Capcut Template | Instagram Trending Reels Editing

How to apply effects to the Listen To Me Now CapCut Template?

Once you have finished applying the template as described above, you can easily make few edits to the video. For example you can add music, change text, add further more effects etc. Just follow these steps for making customization on Listen To Me Now CapCut Template:

  • Open CapCut application and launch a new project
New project
New project
  • Here import the video which you just created using Listen To Me Now CapCut Template
  • Then go to “Volume” option and make it zero
Volume 0
Volume 0
  • Go to the end of the video clip and delete the watermark
  • Now click on Add Audio below the video timeline
  • Click on Extracted option from below
  • Download your favorite music from Spotify or YouTube and put it in your media folder
  • Finally select the particular music audio or video file and click on “Import Sound Only
Import sound only
Import sound only
  • Now preview the video and export by clicking on Export button at the top
Preview the video
Preview the video
Export the video
Export the video

Closing Thoughts

You saw how to easily download and apply Listen To Me Now CapCut Template with the help of a single click. Also we explained you how to add further effects like music and song to the video.

Simply add the photos when requested and create wonderful edits. Start trending on Instagram and TikTok using the latest new trend CapCut templates.

If you liked this Listen To Me Now CapCut Template please start sharing with your friends and family using the buttons provided below. Also, please share your remarks using the comments section below.

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