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Emjay CapCut template

Today we are going to see how to download Emjay template for CapCut. We will also explore how you can apply to create good reels using this template.

Emjay is a CapCut template designer that has created a ton of fantastic and well-liked templates. On social media, his one template, called the “keyframe template,” has become extremely popular.

Millions of people have used this specific template, and usage is continually rising. People are eager to use this template to make their own videos.

Here we provide you a variety of Emjay CapCut templates to choose from. We’re going to provide diverse and well-liked templates with you right now so you may make your reel with just one click.

View the templates below, then use them right away by clicking on “Use Template” on CapCut.

How to Download Emjay CapCut Template Online?

On social media right now, the Emjay CapCut Templates are very popular with TikTok and Instagram reel videos. Emjay is a designer of CapCut templates. He designed all of the templates, and they have all gone popular on social media. Users adore utilizing these templates to make videos.

Try the Emjay CapCut Templates if you like to edit clips using popular templates. Below are the links to these templates. Hopefully you will enjoy these templates.

If you’re seeking for Emjay CapCut templates to make popular videos using CapCut then you are on the right page. You’ll enjoy the CapCut template links we’ve provided from Emjay that are now popular.

Emjay CapCut Template 1 – Adjust Filter

This template is called Adjust Filter. It has been downloaded more than 20 million times. It has been tagged as Beatsync, Aestheticfilter, Trending.

Emjay CapCut Template 2 – titibotibo

This template is called titibotibo. It has been downloaded more than 173 thousand times. It has been tagged as titibotibo, graphicsmaster, transition, graph, shake.

Emjay CapCut Template 3 – Friendship Day

This template is called Friendship Day. It has been downloaded more than 16 thousand times. It has been tagged as friendshipday, bestfriendday, graphicsmaster.

Emjay CapCut Template 4 – Fall in Love

This template is called Fall in Love. It has been tagged as fallinlove, slowmotion, flex, filterestetik

Emjay CapCut Template 5 – Ice on My Baby

This template is called Ice on My Baby. It has been tagged as iceonmybaby, flexingmygirl, meandmygirl, beatremix.

Emjay CapCut Template 6 – Trio

This template is called Trio. It has been downloaded more than 36 thousand times. It has been tagged as trio, beattemplates, beat, squad, flex.

Emjay CapCut Template 7 – Aesthetic

This template is called Aesthetic. It has been downloaded more than 62 thousand times. It has been tagged as titatito, graphicsmaster, lyricsaesthetic.

How to apply Emjay Template after downloading?

It’s incredibly simple to apply Emjay CapCut Template once you have finished downloading. Just follow the steps outlined below. We made an effort to give you thorough information:

  • You must first get the CapCut app on your phone. Use these links for Android, iOS and PC.
  • After that, you must select the Use Template Link option.
  • Download any VPN from the play store or app store if CapCut is not allowed in your country. Connect the VPN before launching CapCut.
CapCut and VPN app download
CapCut and VPN app download
  • You don’t need to connect to a VPN if CapCut is working without any problems.
  • “Use this Template” option will lead you directly to the CapCut program when you click it.
Use Template
Use Template
  • Now, carefully choose your picture from the gallery after the template has opened.
Choose the photos
Choose the photos
  • After choosing your photo, pick “Preview” from the menu.
Preview the template video
Preview the template video
  • Once the video has been produced, you may save it by selecting the export option up top.
  • Make sure to choose the quality of the output video before you save the template to your phone
Saving the video without watermark
Saving the video without watermark

You may make your Instagram viral videos in a very attractive style by using the technique we demonstrated above.

Watch this below video guide where the above steps have been explained:

CapCut Viral EMJAY Template | Trending reel editing tutorial | New CapCut template

How to customize the template after editing?

Once you have followed the steps, the template should now be saved to your gallery. In case you want to customize it and make it unique, just follow the following steps:

  • Re-open CapCut application on your phone and choose “New Project
Choose new project
Choose new project
  • Alternatively you may launch the saved projects from the main menu screen
  • You may want to change the music for the template
  • Once in the editing timeline, just select the Volume option and make it as zero
Make volume 0
Make volume 0
  • Now click on “Add Audio” option and choose the audio/video file from your gallery
  • Make sure to select “Import Sound Only” option on this screen
Extract music from video
Extract music from video
  • Now, make further edits to the video such as adding the effects, transitions, text, fonts etc
Music added to video
Music added to video
  • If needed you may merge other saved templates to make the overall effect look interesting
  • Finally, once you are done with making all the changes simply choose the export option

The remodified template should now be available to share in social media such as Instagram and TikTok.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the often asked questions about using Emjay CapCut Template:

Is Emjay CapCut Template free to use?

Yes. Emjay Template is completely free to use courtesy CapCut. Lots of CapCut creators make wonderful video edits which become viral in the form of templates. You can use any of these template completely for free.

Why to choose Emjay CapCut Template?

This is a wonderful and unique template which has brilliant effects. Therefore, the users of this template are trending currently on social media. In order to get good likes and views on your reels you may choose this Template.

What are the various varieties of this template?

Emjay template comes with a lot of variety to choose from. This includes keyframe template, slow mo, beat, squad flexing, friendship day, trio edit, zoom in zoom out etc. We have provided the download links for all these templates in the earlier section.

Make sure to carefully choose the template you like and implement it.

Closing Remarks

Today you saw how to create trending reels using the Emjay viral template. You can start gaining a lot more fans using trending templates from CapCut.

After downloading and connecting the VPN app, you’ll need the Emjay CapCut Template link in order to edit the video. You may locate the Template link in the aforementioned sections.

When you click the link, a template will appear in front of you. Now you click Use Template, your phone’s gallery will open. You must choose the photos and clips that you wish to edit before clicking Export. After processing of the data, the video will be edited.

This is a simple technique to make viral video edits. Let us know what you liked using the comments section. Also please share this post with your friends using the share buttons below.

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