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We present you the latest trending viral video edits using CapCut. Shake Transition is a new template that is trending recently on CapCut. You can find out how to download and use this template for free. If you are wanting to know more about How to Find and Use New Trend Templates using CapCut?

A shake transition, also known as a “camera shake transition,” is a type of video transition effect used in video editing to create a sudden, jittery, or shaky camera movement between two video clips. This transition effect is typically applied to give a sense of impact, excitement, or a dramatic change in the narrative or mood of a video.

By using the shake transition effect template for your video edits you can quickly make viral trending videos for Instagram. Just download the template using the links provided below and do the steps as instructed.

How to download Shake Transition CapCut Template?

A video template is a pre-designed and customizable framework or layout for creating videos. These templates are often used in video editing software or online video creation platforms to simplify the video production process. They can be particularly helpful for individuals or businesses looking to create videos quickly and efficiently without starting from scratch.

With the help of Shake Transition template provided below, we can quickly create good looking videos in short span of time. So let us dive into the templates list one by one:

Shake Transition CapCut Template 1

This template is called as Shake transisi. It is created by Kang_templatecc. It is tagged as car, transisi and downloaded 240 thousand times.

Shake Transition CapCut Template 2

This template is called as shake transition. It is created by Kang_templatecc. It is tagged as fyp, transition, speedramp.

Shake Transition CapCut Template 3

This template is called as shake transition. It is created by Kang_templatecc. It is tagged as speedramp.

Shake Transition CapCut Template 4

This template is called as Shake transisi. It is created by Kang_templatecc. It is tagged as car and downloaded 636 thousand times.

How to Apply Shake Transition?

Once you have downloaded the CapCut template as mentioned above it is time to apply the same. This can be achieved using simple steps as mentioned below:

  • First download the CapCut application for Android, iOS or PC
  • Then launch CapCut and use a VPN if you are facing challenge with opening CapCut
  • Now click on the download link beneath each template as outlined in the previous section
  • Next preview the template in your CapCut app and hit on “Use Template” button
Use Template
Use Template
  • Now carefully choose the photos which you would like to use with this edit
Select the photos
Select the photos
  • CapCut will automatically apply the Shake Transition effect to the photos which you have chosen
Preview the template
Preview the template
Export without watermark
Export without watermark

Watch this below video tutorial to understand better:

Shake Transition CapCut Template | Instagram Trending Reels Editing | CapCut Shake Effect Reels Edit

How to create a shake transition using CapCut?

As you have seen video editing requires using lot of effects. Here’s how you can create a shake transition using CapCut application:

  1. Capture or Select Your Clips: Start with two video clips that you want to transition between. These clips should ideally have a clear point where you want the shake transition to occur.
  2. Place Clips on the Timeline: Import your video clips into CapCut and place them on the timeline in the desired order.
  3. Add a Shake Effect: To create the shake transition, you’ll need to add a shake effect to the transition point. Here are a few ways to do this:
    • Manual Keyframing: In CapCut, create keyframes for the position, rotation, and scale of the first clip at the start of the transition. Then, create another set of keyframes at the end of the transition. Manually adjust these keyframes to simulate a shaky or jittery camera movement. The more erratic the keyframes, the more intense the shake will be.
    • Use a Preset Effect: Some video editing software may offer preset shake or camera shake effects that you can apply to the transition point. These effects automate the process and can save you time.
  4. Adjust Intensity and Duration: Depending on the effect you’re using, you may be able to adjust the intensity and duration of the shake. Experiment with different settings to achieve the desired level of intensity and duration.
  5. Preview and Fine-Tune: Play back the transition to see how it looks. If necessary, fine-tune the effect by adjusting keyframes or effect settings until you’re satisfied with the result.
  6. Add Sound Effects and Timing: To enhance the impact of the shake transition, you can add sound effects, such as a rumble or a whoosh, that sync with the timing of the shake. This can make the transition feel more realistic and impactful.
  7. Render and Export: Once you’re happy with the shake transition, render or export the video with the transition included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the queries posed by CapCut users regarding shake transition effect:

Is the Shake Transition CapCut Template free to use?

Yes. This template is completely free to use courtesy CapCut. A lot of template creators offer you free template using their creativity. So go ahead and start making viral videos now!

What is the use of shake transition effects?

Shake transitions are often used in action sequences, fast-paced edits, or to emphasize a sudden change in the storyline. When used effectively, they can add excitement and visual interest to your videos.

What is the drawback of using shake transition effect?

It is essential to use shake transition judiciously, as excessive or inappropriate use of shake transitions can be distracting or disorienting to viewers.

Closing Thoughts

You saw how to download and use the Shake transition video effect. It is best suited for scenes where it adds to the dramatic effect or storytelling rather than being used arbitrarily. Creating a camera shake transition involves simulating the effect of a shaky camera to transition between two video clips.

It is very easy to use Shake transition CapCut template to create trending viral videos. Simply click on the download link and add the photos. You are done. Please share this post with your friends if you liked this template. Also post a comment on what features you liked in the shake transition template.

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