New Trend CapCut Templates Free Download Links in 2024

Capcut New Trends templates

Are you looking for a New Trend CapCut Template for 2024? You can get hot CapCut templates right here that are becoming quite popular not just on CapCut but also on social media.

Simply choose the icon located beneath each video to download the template to your Capcut App. There are a lot of cool templates which you can use which are trending on TikTok and other social media. Just Download one from the below and use it on your video to become famous.

What are the top Trending Templates on CapCut?

Here’s how to make amusing memes with CapCut templates, which is the most recent internet fad. Capcut is now available for Android, iOS or for PC.

This is a continuation of the massive AI fad that saw individuals worldwide create computer-generated cartoon representations of themselves on social media.

The CapCut template trend, which has seen internet users create templates like the ones shown here, is the newest big thing in 2023’s photo and video editing trends. Then users may add their own photos to create their own amusing memes, but how can you do that? Here are the top 10 templates on CapCut:

New Trend Template 1 – Smiling Face CapCut Template

This video has become very famous recently on CapCut and Template. Use this to make fantastic video effects and look good. This new trend template is made by Suong Mai and is downloaded by more than 38 million users. There are other features which you can use using Capcut app which makes it look good on your social network.

New Trend Template 2 – Rich Boy CapCut Template

This template is made by power by armor and has been used by more than 31 million times. Enjoy the new trend template link from below:

New Trend Template 3 – Anime CapCut Template

Convert your face into your favorite anime or manga character using this filter. Dramatically enhances your looks and brings you to mystical world of anime and manga. This New Trend theme is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Try adding zoom in and 3D zoom effects to even further enhance the video.

New Trend Template 4 – Album Cover Capcut Template

Album Cover is one of the trendy and beautiful Capcut theme. You can add it to your videos to create wonderful filter effects. This template was created by HiAini and has been downloaded by more than 8 million users. Go ahead and use this New Trend theme now.

New Trend Template 5 – Filter Estetik Capcut Template

This is one of the aesthetic template wherein you can portray various moods. This is one the trendy and most used theme downloaded by more than 16 million users. This filter was created by Konohamaru. You can find the link for this new trend template from below.

New Trend Template 6 – Baby Face Capcut Template

Baby Face is one of the most used and most liked template. Everybody wants to show the baby picture of their as compared to their current look. This new trend template allows you to achieve the objective by showing baby picture of you. This template has been downloaded by 131 million plus users. It has been created by sau story.

New Trend Template 7 – Granular Velocity Capcut Template

The new Granular Velocity CapCut Template may be what you’re searching for. Download your video from Tiktok and edit it using the current hot template in Capcut. This is also one of the popular new trend template in Capcut authored by Follow. It has been applied by more than 144 million users and counting. Find below the free link to download this template.

New Trend Template 8 – Happy Birthday Capcut Template

If it is your birthday or your friends birthday you can use this template to wish them. Just click on the free download link given below and import photos into your Capcut app. From there add this theme and export the video.

In just simple steps you can create impressive videos to wish your friends or family. This template has been created by MICIN and can be used to wish birthday of boy or birthday of girl.

New Trend Template 9 – healingthailand9:16 Capcut Template

Healing Thailand is one of the super cool template to use which is very trending at the moment. There are lot of wonderful effects in this theme. More than 80 million people have used this template. You can download this for free using the template download link given below. By the way this template for Capcut was created by ICAL also known as healingthailand9:16

New Trend Template 10 – Velocity Capcut Template

This famous Capcut edit has been created by an user called ale.fx0. It has been downloaded more than 35 million times and is very trendy. Lot of people are searching for this nowadays.

You can download this New Trend template on Capcut using the free link provided below.

Why to use trending video templates on CapCut?

Millions of users worldwide utilise the popular CapCut application for video editing. Installing the CapCut software will allow you to create your own videos by editing your own photos or video from the gallery using the filters, audio tracks, additional effects, transitions, etc. that are offered. You might be able to create your own video using one of the CapCut app’s available templates without performing much of your own editing.

Free and simple to use video editing software include CapCut templates. All of the CapCut app’s templates are available for free usage when posting on social media sites like TikTok.

Try using Herill.RCS template as well which is very chic and cute.

How to Download Templates on Capcut?

  • On your Android or iPhone, open the CapCut app and sign into your account.
  • At the bottom of the screen, select the Template option by tapping it.
Click template option below
Click template option below
  • Select your preferred CapCut template by tapping on the favorite category icon that is displayed on the screen.
Choosing the right template
Choosing the right template
  • To download the template, select the Use template option at the bottom of the screen.
Clicking the use template on the screen
Clicking the use template on the screen

How to use the New Trend templates?

Due of its flawless integration with TikTok, CapCut is perhaps the greatest free video editor. Users may easily make visually appealing and popular films using CapCut templates, which is especially helpful for novices who are frightened by the intricate post-editing.

No big deal if you don’t know where to locate current CapCut templates; we’ll teach you exactly how to do it without skipping a beat.

  • On the screen’s top, select the AutoCut/shortcut option.
  • Choose your favourite pictures from the collection, then choose Next. Multiple templates are available at the bottom of the screen.
Choosing the pictures
Choosing the pictures
  • Pick one of your preferred templates from the list provided, or click the icon at the top of the screen to access other templates.
  • Once the required templates have been defined, select Default sound from the menu at the bottom of the screen to modify the default sound.
  • You may now save the movie you generated to your gallery by selecting the Export without Watermark option at the bottom of the page.
Exporting the video
Exporting the video
  • These instructions make it simple to download and utilise the templates with the CapCut software.

Closing Thoughts

We have mentioned the list of most trending video edit templates on CapCut. If you have any more ideas please share the same using the comments section below. We will try to add the same in this list.

Using the above mentioned templates you can easily convert your videos or photos into super looking clips. This will help in attracting a lot of eyeballs and followers. The audience will be more amazed than ever before.

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