Velocity Freeze CapCut Template Link – [2024 Download]

Velocity Freeze capcut template

A new trend CapCut template has been released called as Velocity Freeze. This template has gained attention and followers quickly. Let us find out how to download this unique template and apply it using CapCut with the help of just one click.

As you are all aware, new trends are always emerging on Instagram and TikTok social media. If you have an account on either platform and want to make money by acquiring millions of followers, you need immediately raise the number of followers on your account.

It will be a very challenging effort, but if you follow the trend and post your reels on Instagram, your chances of them becoming viral significantly improve. At the moment, a trend in which videos go viral is becoming quite popular. It is used to create a reel, and it has some incredible effects.

Velocity Freeze is a charming and enchanting template that will captivate your audience. Below you will find out how you can download and use this template for free.

How to Download Velocity Freeze CapCut Template?

The most popular trend right now is Velocity Freeze template. It has a blur effect behind the video, followed by the blink effect, which makes the video appear really wonderful. A lot of people like to see such kind of effects. Keeping browsing till the end if you want to create a complete viral video.

If you also wish to use the Velocity Freeze CapCut Template to create a video, we have provided the links to it below. Simply click the “Use this template” button, and the template will be instantly forwarded to your CapCut app.

However, if you are from India, you will need to join a reliable VPN. Then, using the same procedures as described in the sections below, you may create your reel on this new trend.

Velocity Freeze CapCut Template 1 – Nerdybloke

This template is called as Velocity freeze by Nerdybloke. It is tagged as velocity, velocityxslowmo, slowmo and slowmosmooth.

Velocity Freeze CapCut Template 2 – Modelscut

This template is called as Velocity ❤️‍🔥 by Modelscut. It is tagged as velocity, fyp, viral, trend, slow. It is downloaded more than 175 million times.

Velocity Freeze CapCut Template 3 – Trending Velocity

This template is called as Trending Velocity🔥 by MThatsFire. It is tagged as Velocity, Effects.

Velocity Freeze CapCut Template 4 – Velocity trend

This template is called as Velocity trend by 【𝕄𝔾】➺ᴢᴇɴᴏɴ♠️🇵🇭. It is tagged as velocity, tiktoktrend, sync, fyp, mg_fam.

Velocity Freeze CapCut Template 5 – good velocity

This template is called as good velocity by kleo. It is tagged as goodvelocity, velocity.

How to apply Velocity Freeze using CapCut APK?

Carefully go through all the templates provided above. You have wonderful options to choose from. After that, simply follow the below steps to apply Velocity Freeze template:

  • Download CapCut application to your phone first. Use these links for the same: Android, iOS, PC
  • Watch the videos provided above and choose the template to apply
  • Click on the download link provided beneath each of the template
  • It will take you directly to the CapCut app in order to preview
  • Make sure to use a VPN application to connect in case CapCut is not available in your country
  • Now select the photos you want to use for making this template
Add the photos
Add the photos
  • CapCut will automatically apply the template over the photos which you have chosen in the previous step
Preview the Template
Preview the Template
  • Preview the output video and choose the quality of video output
  • Click on Export button to start sharing the template with your network
Export without watermark
Export without watermark

Watch the below simple video tutorial to understand the above process:

Velocity edit tutorial CapCut | CapCut video editing | velocity freeze CapCut template

How to edit the video after exporting the template?

Once you have finished exporting using the steps outlined in the previous section, you can make edits to the same. You may want to make it personalized by adding your own music, captions, text, fonts etc. Simply follow these steps:

  • Open CapCut application and import the template which you have just created
  • In the editing timeline find the Volume option and make it zero
  • Now click on “Add Audio” option and choose the music file which you want to add to the template
Making the edits
Making the edits
  • Align the music to sync with the video
  • Add text, captions, stickers etc. whichever you like to do
  • Preview the video once and start exporting
share the template 65035228b30ae
Share the template

In case you face any challenge with finding templates read our guide here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have listed down a few questions that can come to your mind:

  1. Is it free to use the Velocity Freeze CapCut Template?

    Yes. It is absolutely free to use. You do not need to pay any price either for the app or for the template.

  2. What is the reason for using this template?

    As explained earlier, a lot of users are using application such as CapCut to quickly create trending videos for their social circle.

    Velocity Freeze comes with unique effects and style which will lead to increased attention from your audience. Therefore start using the template now to quickly trend online.

Closing Thoughts

You saw how you can create captivating reels using the Velocity Freeze CapCut Template. You will require a Velocity Freeze and the CapCut App, which you must install on your mobile device, in order to make edits.

You can find the URL to the CapCut Template from above sections. Simply click on it to be taken directly to the app. Just add a few picture of yours and you are all set to export.

If you liked Velocity Freeze CapCut Template then please share it with your friends using the share links below. Also, post a comment as to what you liked in this template.

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