ICAL CapCut Template – How to Download free? [100% working]

ICAL templates

Recently a lot of users are trending on social media by using the templates created by ICAL. Create cool looking videos and reels for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook or any other social network.

ICAL is a user who has created a wonderful portfolio of templates for CapCut. Their template are very novel and trending a lot on the internet. Downloading these templates is easy. Just browse through the options provided below and whichever you like you can download and use it for free.

How to download latest ICAL templates for CapCut?

We have made the job easy for you by collating a list of good templates created by ICAL. Some of the famous ones are healing Thailand, bringslow, notsobad, raidersonthestorm etc.

ICAL templates
ICAL cool templates

Below we provide each template in detail and let you know the process to use it on your CapCut app. This is all you will need to start trending on TikTok using cool looking templates.

ICAL template 1 – Healing Thailand 9:16

This template has been downloaded more than 190 million times. More and more users are discovering this template hence the views are increasing tremendously.

ICAL template 2 – ridersonthestorm

ICAL template 3 – notsobad5

This is also another very trending template with more than 19 million downloads.

ICAL template 4 – bringslow

ICAL template 5 – Healing Thailand

ICAL template 6 – healingslowmo

This is the slow motion template for the healing Thailand template provided above.

ICAL template 7 – healingindo

This is another wonderful template with cool effects and visual transitions. Download this template now.

ICAL template 8 – ridersonthestorm

ICAL template 9 – abangjahatxgetdown

This template has sharp and bold transitions. You just need to add your own photos and instantly you will have cool effects added to it. This template has been downloaded more than 300k times.

ICAL template 10 – healingindia

This is a new template known as healingindia on similar lines of healing thailand. It has a hindi song attached to it to give a flavor of India.

ICAL template 11 – Healing Philippines

This is a new template known as Healing Philippines on similar lines of healing Thailand. It has been created by ICAL.

ICAL template 12 – notsobad9

This is a new and latest ICAL template called as notsobad9. It has already crossed 4 million downloads.

Additional Template

This is the Thailand Dj template from ACTS.

How to use the ICAL templates on CapCut

Now that you have seen all the 10 great templates from above, it is time to apply the same. Just follow these simple instructions:

  • Download CapCut. If you do not have it, you can get it from Android or iOS.
  • After you have chosen the template of your choice just click the Download button below the template
  • It will take you to CapCut app and open the template for use
  • Click on “Use Template in CapCut” beneath the template
  • Here you will presented with option to add your photos and text
  • Once you are done editing just preview and click on export
  • Now your viral video is ready to be shared with your friends and followers

Closing Thoughts

ICAL has created some blockbuster templates for CapCut. Using these templates simply add your photos and quickly start trending. It is a great way to grab a lot of eyeballs and consequently more followers if that is your goal.

In this page we have presented you with some of the best templates from ICAL. Simply download and follow the steps outlined in the previous section to start trending.

If you liked this then please share it with your other friends so that they can also take the benefit.

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