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Capcut Velocity Templates Free Download

The video editing method known as the velocity edit is used to create a certain kind of video. You can speed up and slow down videos using velocity edits at certain moments in the video.

Smooth Velocity templates top 10
Smooth Velocity templates top 10

With this ability, you may quickly and easily do the newest TikTok velocity trend, which is just a combination of sped-up and slowed-down films. The detailed instructions for obtaining the Velocity Edit Template Link for CapCut, a well-liked video editing application for TikTok, are provided below.

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How to Download and Use the Velocity Templates? – Top 10

Consider using the Velocity CapCut Template! This template is fresh and enjoyable. It must be applied. Use it now, then comment or share it with your friends. This can done using the Android app, iOS device or directly using Capcut PC.

Velocity Template 1 from name.

Velocity Template 2 from Hai.

Velocity Template 3 from [AG] sev

Velocity Template 4 from ale.fx0

Velocity Template 5 from Pop Ice Taro [LDR]

Velocity Template 6 from Aj🇵🇭 – Heaven sent

Velocity Template 7 from “Princess Reina

Velocity Template 8 from [AG] sev – OH DAMN

Velocity Template 9 from [WS] Eve – Hard2FaceReality

Velocity Template 10 from Modelscut

Bonus Velocity Template

This is the new velocity ulit by name. It has been used more than a million times.

Steps to Add Velocity Template on Capcut App

  • Click on one of the Download links provided above
  • Select CapCut’s “Use Template” option.
  • The CapCut App will be opened after the redirect.
  • Select the images you wish to include in the video to be created.
  • The template should now be applied
  • Simply click export to download or share it with friends

What to use CapCut for doing the Velocity Edit?

You can edit videos more creatively thanks to CapCut. On your mobile devices, smooth velocity editing is simple using CapCut.

On CapCut, editing that speeds up and slows down particular times and scenes of the videos to present a more dynamic aspect is known as a “velocity edit.”

With the CapCut video editing tool, velocity editing is simple to do; if you’ve used CapCut before to edit slow-mo films, you can pick up the technique quickly.

How does CapCut perform Velocity Edit?

An amazing video editor to assist you in creating a video is Velocity edit on CapCut. You may select to speed up or slow down each video you are editing using the velocity edit option.

By changing the replay rate of that particular segment of the movie, you may also choose to speed up or slow it down. This is useful if you want to highlight and accent particular sections of your films.

Additionally, you can add highly intriguing and dynamic effects to your films on CapCut using velocity edit, giving them a more polished appearance and making them stand out from the competition. With this incredible video editing software, the options are virtually unlimited!


In order to use the Velocity Template simply click the download link from above. It will redirect you to the app from where you can choose your photos and videos. Simply click on Use Template button and enjoy the video output.

If you liked this method you can explore other template options on Capcut. Please share it with your friends and family to spread the word by clicking the share buttons below. Please share your Capcut template ideas to other users using the comments section below.

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