How to do Velocity Edit on CapCut? Easy Steps in 2024

Velocity Edit Capcut

A velocity edit should be used if you want various speeds in different parts of a video. Additionally, this article will explain what a velocity edit is and how to create one using the top velocity edit application, CapCut.

The video editing method known as the velocity edit is used to create a certain kind of video. You can speed up and slow down videos using velocity edits at certain moments in the video. With this ability, you may quickly and easily do the newest TikTok velocity trend, which is just a combination of speed-up and slowed-down films. The detailed instructions for creating a seamless velocity edit using CapCut, a well-liked video editing application for TikTok, are provided below.

Alternatively you can use a Velocity Edit Template to quickly achieve the needs.

What is meant by Velocity Edit?

With the unconventional video editing method known as a velocity edit, you may simultaneously slow down and speed up different parts of a film. With Velocity editing, you may simply take creative licence to show your video anyway you see appropriate without being constrained by a preset video speed. Although CapCut lacks a distinct “Velocity Edit” option, you can still easily get the needed outcomes by modifying the speed section.

Speed adjustment is a typical method used in video editing. And when a speed adjustment is mentioned, a whole video is often sped up or slowed down. The fact that the movie you’re watching occasionally has variable playback speeds at specific seconds indicates that the film has undergone a velocity edit.

You may have a 30-second video as an illustration. The first 10 seconds may be sped up, while the next twenty seconds can be slowed down. This is done to achieve Velocity edit on your Capcut.

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Step by Step Guide to make Smooth Velocity Edit on Capcut

Capcut is available for Android, iOS and PC. Just download by clicking on the respective links and be ready for the following steps.

Here are step-by-step instructions for creating a velocity edit in the CapCut video editor.

Step 1: Launch the CapCut app on your mobile, choose a video in the New Project section, and then click Add.

Velocity Edit add video
Velocity Edit add video
adding the sound
Adding the sound

Step 2: Select the Speed option by tapping the Edit button in the bottom left corner.

Step 3: To modify the velocity, select the Curve option. Then, in addition to Custom, there are six more presets, including Montage, Bullet, Jump Cut, Hero, Flash In, and Flash Out.

Curve option
Curve option

Step 4: Selecting a preset directly will give you a fast glimpse. Then modify the preset by clicking it once again. To change the speed of any circle by up to 10.0 times or by up to 0.1 times, press and drag it.

Repeating the velocity to each frame
Repeating the velocity to each frame

Step 5: Alternatively, to enter the editing menu, choose Custom and press it once again. Five circles will appear on the horizontal line. To change the pace of any circle, press and drag it upward or downward.

Adding effects
Adding effects

Step 6: To make this modification, click the checkbox. then share or export your video.

Watch the below tutorial video to understand better:

Easy steps to do smooth velocity edit

How to do Velocity Edit on Android and iOS

This instruction for achieving Velocity Edit on Android and iOS. See our instruction on how to use CapCut on PC if you plan to edit videos on a computer.

Step 1: Launch CapCut on your Android or iOS smartphone to get going. If CapCut isn’t already loaded on your smartphone, you may simply discover it in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. To start a new video editing project in CapCut, click the New Project button on the left.

Creating new project
Creating new project

Step 2: Then choose a video to upload to CapCut from your camera roll. To confirm the addition, press the lower-right add button. You will then be sent to the CapCut editing interface, where you may use CapCut to edit videos in a variety of ways.

Imported video
Imported video
Match Cut
Match Cut

Step 3: Select the video clip in the timeline, then click the Speed button to apply velocity editing. The Curve button, which allows you the opportunity to adjust velocity for your films in a customizable method, is what we need to press in order to generate a smooth velocity edit.

split the video
Split the video

Step 4: You can see that CapCut provides presets for velocity editing such as Montage, Bullet, Hero, Flash In, Jump Cut and Flash Out. Press the Edit button on it after selecting Custom.

slowing the video
Slowing the video
speed the video
Speed the video

Step 5: Drag and drop the spectrogram’s dots to alter the velocity edit’s position and choose a speed change from 0.1x to 10x. Additionally, to generate a more frequent velocity shifting, you may add beats in the timeline by clicking the Add beat option.

Adding the effect
Adding the effect

Step 6: To save and export the velocity edit video to TikTok, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, your smartphone, etc. after finishing editing, click the check button in the lower-right corner and then click the export button in the top-right corner.

Watch the below guide to learn how to do Velocity Edit:

Easy steps to do Velocity Edit

How to do Auto Velocity on Capcut

Auto Velocity is a cool feature which you can use if you do not have much time or editing skills. It will automatically add velocity to your video. Just do the following simple steps:

Step 1: To begin a new video editing project after entering CapCut, click the “New Project” button.

Launching new project
Launching new project

Step 2: Then choose a video to upload to CapCut from your camera roll. To make automated velocity on Capcut and to confirm the addition, press the lower-right add.

Video added to timeline
Video added to timeline
Adding audio from Capcut library
Adding audio from Capcut library

Step 3: You must click the Edit button after adding the movie to Capcut. This button may be found in the Capcut’s bottom left corner.

Step 4: After selecting Edit, all you have to do is type in the Style. Simply swipe left after pressing the style button to bring up Scene Swap.

Style option
Style option

Step 5: When you click that button, the function Auto Velocity will show just below it. All you have to do is press Auto Velocity.

Auto Velocity option
Auto Velocity option
Adjusting the velocity effect
Adjusting the velocity effect

Step 6: After utilising the Auto Velocity tool, your video has been velocity edited, and you may now effortlessly export it at the resolution of your choice.

adjusting the interval between beats
adjusting the interval between beats

Video guide below:

Auto Velocity in CapCut Tutorial

Alternatives to CapCut for Velocity Edit

If you are not happy with the Velocity Edit available on Capcut then you may explore the following alternative options:


One of the greatest CapCut substitutes is Flexclip. It is a top-notch online video editor with many resources and simple editing capabilities. Using FlexClip’s pre-made video templates, you can quickly create an engaging video for personal or professional usage.

It provides royalty-free stock music, slick text animations, amusing stickers, filters, a GIF library, and more to enhance your movie. It is easy to use and cost nothing.

MiniTool MovieMaker

You can make gorgeous films using MiniTool MovieMaker, a free video editor for Windows, by rotating, cropping, dividing, applying transitions, and applying filters.

You may also alter the video speed with it. A video needs first be divided into numerous pieces, and then the speed of these clips should be edited, in order to do a velocity edit with MiniTool MovieMaker.

Why use Capcut for performing Velocity Edit?

For both Android and iOS, there is a comprehensive video editing tool called CapCut. It has greatly increased in popularity among people, particularly among TikTok users. You may do simple modifications with this app, such as clipping, dividing, and reversing. It also has a tonne of different filters, transitions, messages, stickers, background music, and other features.

CapCut provides two choices for speed control: “Normal” and “Curve.” The first choice enables you to modify the overall video speed. Make a velocity modification using the “Curve” option. In other words, you may alter the pace of many parts of a movie at once.

How to add or delete a beat during Velocity Edit?

  • As we’ve already mentioned, Velocity provides you with 6 Beats to experiment with. But if you want more freedom, you may add a couple more.
  • Select the section of the yellow timestream to which you want to add a Beat by tapping on it, then hit the “Add beat” button in the top-right corner.
  • The Beat can then be adjusted as necessary after that. To save the modification, use the tick button in the bottom right corner.
  • You may view how many Beats are presently in your video by touching on “Curve” and selecting “Custom.”
  • To delete a Beat, first pick it by tapping on it, then click the “Delete beat” button.

How to use Velocity Edit Template Link Free Download

You can directly use the velocity edit using the template below:

How to Create a Velocity Edit that has Music Rhymes

Learn how to create velocity edit on CapCut that syncs with the background music since the wonderful motions of velocity edit will undoubtedly work great with music.

  • First, using the Match Cut tool in CapCut’s primary workspace, you may automatically generate beats for your films that will rhyme with the background music.
  • To see the music beat lined up on the timeline, select Speed > Curve > Custom.
  • After that, you may drag to vary each beat’s speed. Just be careful not to alter the dots’ horizontal alignment, otherwise your beats won’t syncopate with the music.

Closing Thoughts

Velocity refers to the speed or rate at which a video clip plays. CapCut tools allow you to adjust the speed of clips, enabling you to create slow-motion or fast-motion effects. This is often used for creative purposes or to fit a specific time constraint.

The velocity tool in CapCut allows users more control over the pace of the movie, enhancing its artistic appeal. I’m hoping you’ve already tested it on your CapCut and loved it because it will be the greatest free technique to create a smooth velocity edit.

Additionally, kindly share your opinions with us in the comment section below!

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