Urban Jungle Capcut Template – Viral Name Video Editing

Urban Jungle trending reel edits

There is currently a new trend in which a name is written with Urban Jungle font over a background of a forest or jungle. The video is edited using the Urban Jungle capcut template. Urban Jungle Font is a very well-known typeface that is used in videos for captions or subtitles.

On TikTok or Instagram, the popular Urban Jungle typeface may be used to write your name and make a video edit using the capcut template. To make the reel, you only need to download the background image, the font, and download link for the Urban Jungle capcut template.

Where to download the Urban Jungle Capcut Template?

The Urban Jungle Capcut Template is becoming viral on Instagram Reels. You will need to download the Video Chill Capcut template and have the CapCut app installed in order to make a video that is similar to this one.

Below we have provided the download link to the Urban Jungle Capcut Template and explained on how to make this edit.

Urban Jungle Capcut Template Download 1

This below template is called as Video chill and a lot of users are downloading it. You can use it to create your Urban Jungle using the CapCut application.

Urban Jungle Capcut Template Download 2

Urban Jungle Capcut Template Download 3

Urban Jungle Capcut Template Download 4

Alternatively you may use any of the other good CapCut template in order to produce the Urban Jungle effect. You can download the famous ICAL template from below such as healing Thailand or healing slow mo.

Urban Jungle Capcut Template Download 5

Below is the healing slow mo template from ICAL. This can also be used to create the Urban Jungle effect.

How To Edit Urban Jungle Viral Name using CapCut?

It is very easy to create a reel using the Urban Jungle Capcut Template. Just follow the following steps in order to achieve the same:

  • Download Capcut application for Android or iphone to start making the reels
  • Next you will need to download the Urban Jungle font from the internet. More details have been provided below
Urban Jungle Font
Urban Jungle Font
  • Open the CapCut app and click on New Project
  • Import photos into CapCut. For making the Urban Jungle edit you may use your own pictures from gallery
Urban Jungle picture
Urban Jungle picture
  • Alternatively you can use the pictures shared by an internet user from here.
  • Once the photo is added to the timeline, go to the end and remove the watermark
  • Modify the ratio using the option from menu. You may select the 16:9 ratio
  • Now click on “Text” option and click on “Font” option. Click on “Add Font” and import the font from the file directory of your device
Add Text
Add Text
  • Write your name and adjust the Text to the desired position on the screen
Add Font
Add Font
  • Add music if you want to make it look more interesting
Import Urban Jungle font
Import Urban Jungle font
  • After completing the edit preview the video and click on Export
  • You can save the video edit for further editing

Watch the below video for better understanding:

Viral Name Tiktok Trending Video Editing | Viral Urban Jungle Video Editing | Capcut Editing

How to use the Urban Jungle Template?

After you have saved the video using the above mentioned steps then you do the following to finish using the template.

  • Browse from the above provided templates. You can also download other CapCut templates all for free from our website
  • Click on the Download link below each of the template. It will take you directly to CapCut app.
  • Here you need to preview the template and click on “Use Template” button
Use Template option
Use Template option
  • Just import the video which you have saved in the above step
Import the video and preview
Import the video and preview
  • CapCut will automatically add the effects from the Urban Jungle video into the text you have created above
  • Within few seconds your video will be ready to export.
  • Add any further effects which you require such as songs, emoji, background themes etc.
  • Click on export and share it on TikTok or Instagram reels to instantly start trending

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the important questions which people ask regarding Urban Jungle Capcut Template.

What is the Viral Name Video Editing?

If you participate in reels, you must be aware of the trend where your name is printed and the video has been playing ever since. In this post we have presented the Urban Jungle Capcut Template for you. You can use this template to create the Urban Jungle effect.

The first step is to take a snapshot. After that, you may create that video from the description provided in previous sections.

How to download the Urban Jungle font to your phone?

Prior to doing anything else, you must first generate a photo of yourself with your name on it. You must first download the font before learning how to do so. Simply perform a Google search for “urban jungle font” and then open the first webpage that comes up to download it.

Second, you’ll need a background. Use the download link provided in the previous section where you will get some interesting photos. Alternatively do a Google Search and download the photo you desire.

How to generate the Urban Jungle background?

You must first create the background before you use it in your reels. Where you only need to enter text and choose your font size, and when you click on “automatic next,” your photo will be ready. You only need to download it. However, as you will find some well chosen backdrops here, one item might not be an issue for you.

Google searches for “green mountain” return several background images. Download the Urban Jungle font using the link above. It will then be similar to downloading a phone after that. The only thing you need to do is import any program. You then add a backdrop and some text. After that, prepare the snapshot under your chosen name. Just saving the image is all that is required.

Closing Thoughts

First download the Urban Jungle font to your phone and extract it. Take a good picture with a nice background or download the Green Mountain images using Google. Open CapCut application, import the picture and add your text. Import the Urban Jungle font from your phone and save the video.

Then, download the Viral Name template from above and click on “Use Template”. Finally add the edited video to this template and CapCut will magically add all the effects. Save the video template without watermark to your phone.

Add the Urban Jungle reel to your Instagram account or TikTok and immediately start trending. If you liked this post then please share it with your friends. Also, you can post a comment on how you liked this.

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