3D Smooth Image Capcut Template – How to Download and Apply?

3D null smooth CapCut template

A new viral trend has started which is the 3d Smooth Image. We will tell you how you can download this template for CapCut and start trending.

On the CapCut app, more and more amateur and experienced video editors are signing up to create templates. CapCut creators are a potential new digital profession with a big income.

3D Smooth Image
3D Smooth Image

A lot of video editors who have signed up as CapCut creators are presently on the rise as a result of one or more of their templates becoming a new trend, particularly on the TikTok platform.

One such template is the 3d Smooth Image Capcut Template which we will discuss in more detail.

Download 3d Smooth Image Capcut Template

In order to create viral reels using 3d Smooth Image you will first need to download the template. You can browse from the template below and click on the Download button below it. After that it will take you to CapCut app from where you will need to choose a set of photos or video. Once you are done start exporting and you will be done.

3d Smooth Image Capcut Template 1

This is the main 3d Smooth null template from Harvie.druv.

3d Smooth Image Capcut Template 2

This is the 3d null smooth part2 template from Harvie.druv.

3d Smooth Image Capcut Template 3

This is the 3d nullpart3 /7orang template from Harvie.druv.

3d Smooth Image Capcut Template 4

This is the #3D NULL template from Harvie.druv.

3d Smooth Image Capcut Template 5

This is the 3d null 3/orang template from Harvie.druv.

How to apply 3d Smooth Image Template using CapCut?

Once you have seen the above videos and chosen which ones to apply, simply do the following:

  • Visit the 3d Smooth Image Template by clicking the download button below each template. A new tab will appear.
  • Select the CapCut button labeled “Use this template on CapCut
Use template on CapCut
Use template on CapCut
  • The 3d Smooth Image Template will be shown when the CapCut program launches automatically
  • Download CapCut if you do not have it already – Android or iOS.
  • You can use a VPN to download if CapCut is banned in your country.
  • On the template page, click on “Use template” from the bottom of the screen.
Use Template
Use Template
  • Add a few photos of yourself from the gallery and click on “Preview“.
Add photos
Add photos
  • You may update or add text to your reel by selecting the “Text” option, or you can leave it blank
  • To see a preview, select “Play”, and to save your video, by clicking on “Export”.
  • Choose an appropriate video resolution while exporting
  • If you don’t want the CapCut watermark to appear on your video, use the Export without watermark option.
  • Await the completion of the video exporting, you may directly publish your 3D smooth picture trend reels to TikTok or Instagram.
  • Your exported 3D smooth picture videos may be found in the gallery, namely on the Videos album.

Watch this below video tutorial to understand better:

3d Smooth Image Instagram reel editing using CapCut template

How to add music to 3d Smooth Image template?

Once you have added the photos and exported the template do the following to add your own music to the template:

  • Open CapCut application
  • Go to new project and import the media from your gallery
Edit the 3d smooth template video
Edit the 3d smooth template video
  • Click on Volume button from the menu below and make the volume to zero
Volume 0
Volume 0
  • Now click on audio button and click on “Extracted”
  • Select the file which has the audio clip. You can download the same from internet on Spotify or YouTube
  • Now click on Import Sound Only option
Import Sound
Import Sound
  • It will add the music on top the existing 3d Smooth Image template
  • Now sync the music to your video properly and click on export

Closing Thoughts

You may use the CapCut template link 3D smooth image trend 2023 to produce engaging video content for Instagram and TikTok. This template is currently trending so go ahead and grab the template download link from this page and start editing.

If you have liked this template then please share it with your friends. Post a comment below on how to felt about 3D smooth image trend.

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