Sham Hai Dhua Dhua CapCut Template Download – New Trend 2024

Sham hai dhuan dhuan reels editing poster

A new video editing is trending recently and it is the Sham Hai Dhua Dhua CapCut Template. Here you will find the free download links as well as guide to make a video edit using this.

A new trend has just appeared on social media, much like Jara Mukhada Dikha Do. However, this trend goes by the name of Sham Hai Dhua Dhua. We therefore share you capcut templates for it with music that you may use after you’re finished with it.

Click “Use Template on CapCut” and then add your photos to utilize the template. Replace the music in the video after exporting by opening it in Capcut once more. Your “Sham Hai Dhua Dhua” reel will be ready at that point.

Where to find Sham Hai Dhua Dhua Template?

Speaking of Sham Hai Dhua Dhua’s fame on TikTok, the song has become well-known all over the world. Despite coming from a Hindi movie, the sound is popular in many other nations, including Malaysia, Thailand, and many others.

On the Sham Hai Dhua Dhua Capcut Template, several Turkish producers have also produced brief TikTok films. Do you intend to create a music video for this song as well? If so, just follow these simple steps:

This is the Mẫu Trend Thailan template create by an user called Hưởng Đora [DN]. It has been used more than 42 million times and hence it is very famous and trending edit.

The above video is the template which we are going to use for this tutorial. Just preview and click on the download link and follow these steps:

  • Once you click on the download link, you will be taken to CapCut app
  • If you are facing issues accessing CapCut try using a VPN such as NordVPN.
  • Here click on “Use Template” as shown in the image below
Sham hai dhuan dhuan reels editing
Sham hai dhuan dhuan reels editing
  • Choose 2-3 photos of your choice which will be required to create your reel
  • Here the Capcut app will automatically replace your photos into the template
Video editing
Photos added to Template
Exporting the video
Exporting the video

How to add Sham Hai Dhua Dhua music to the template?

Now your Sham Hai Dhua Dhua Template is almost ready. Just that you will need to add music to it. Just follow these steps:

  • Open CapCut app and click on new project
  • Insert the modified template which you just saved in the step above
  • Now click on Volume and make it zero
  • Select “Add Audio” and choose “Extracted
Extracted add audio
Extracted add audio
  • Download the video file from here
  • Put this above video in your gallery and choose this file while adding audio
  • Click on “Import Sound Only
Adding music to the video
Adding music to the video
  • Now your Sham Hai Dhua Dhua video edit reel is ready
  • Click on Export and sharing it on Instagram or TikTok

What is this Sham Hai Dhua Dhua trend?

When we talk about the popular song Sham Hai Dhua Dhua, it comes from the Diljale movie’s blockbuster album. Ajay Devgn and Sushman Shrestha perform the song Sham Hai Dhua Dhua, which was written by music director Anu Malik.

Do you know the author of Sham Hai Dhua Dhua’s lyrics? Javed Akhtar is credited as the song’s author. The finest song in the film is Ho Nahi Sakta; Sham Hai Dhua Dhua isn’t the most well-known song from Diljale. Jiske Aane Se, Kuch Tum Beheko, and Mera Mulk Mera Desh are some of the other popular songs from the film.

Closing Thoughts

An very old Indian song, Sham Hai Dhua Dhua, was featured on Ajay Devgan and Shushma Shrestha in the film Diljale. A song-based music video is now becoming popular on sites like Instagram and Tiktok. Additionally, a lot of individuals are recording videos of this song and posting them on social media. And for that reason, it spread quickly online.

Use the Sham Hai Dhua Dhua CapCut Template that we’ve provided above if you want to create your own music video for this song. With the aid of the template, you may alter your video, but you’ll need to include the Sham Hai Dhuan Dhuan Song independently.

The music it contains is external as well because the template you’ll be using was made by an external author.

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